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Beginnings of The Modern Serial Killer

Group Research Project Ian N, Andrew M, Nicolas O, Bryan Y, Catherine L

Catherine Le

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Beginnings of The Modern Serial Killer

By Ian N, Nicolas O, Bryan Y, Andrew M, Catherine L Beginnings of The Modern serial Killer Herman Webster Mudgett Who is H.H.Holmes? Reality vs Devil In The White City Holme's Castle never burned down
Compared to the book, "On Thursday, August 19, Geyer learned that during the preceding night Holmes's castle in Englewood,his own dark dreamland, had burned to the ground"(Larson 366).
Both in reality and in Devil In the White City, Holmes was bullied as a child. During his childhood,"Two Children discovered Mudgett's fear and one day captured him and dragged him '"struggling and shrieking"' into the doctor's office" (38).
After Holmes' death, there has been cases about people who were related to his case being "cursed" Marion Hedgepeth and Pat Quinlan were one of the unlucky to fall under this "curse".Larkson describes the cruse when he mentioned " Strange things began to happen... Detective Geyer became serioiusly ill... a fire destroyed the office of District Attorney George Graham, leaving only a photograph of Holmes unscathed"(387).
Holmes requested his tomb to be buried deep and filled with concrete in his last wishes "Holmes's coffin was filled with cement before being nailed shut and buried in a grave ten feet deep with two feet of sand and concrete poured in before it was covered with dirt. He wanted to guarantee that no one would dissect his corpse as he had done to so many others" (H. H. Holmes - "I was born with the devil in me.") Ted Bundy
He persuaded people by using his looks and his qualities to his advantage
He kept appealing for his case Holme's Influence to Modern Serial Killers Examples of Profiling He was one of America's First Serial Killers Childhood Traumas What can influence serial killers Money Mental Illness Just for fun For survival He started dissecting at a young age which started his fascination about surgery

Moved to Chicago 1886, and started created a business but then started working at a pharmacy

Helped construct and designed his "murder castle"

Holmes was a intelligent man, he used his manipulative skills to get into his victims mind and used him for his own profit Manipulation Sources Jeffery Dahmer
During his childood many people did not care about him
He felt if he was the class clown he would fit in Holmes and Manipulation emotional manipulator Holmes, as an manipulator would always volunteer for doing anything for anybody
but when the other accepts Holmes would
make non-verbal signs that he doesn't want
to do the task. This is to make the victim feel sorry for Holmes and in turn be more willing to do something for him instead. Profiling Profiling: The process of studying every behavioral aspect and detail of a crime scene. Behavioral clues left at a crime scene can provide insights into: Motivation
Level of control
Degree of organization
Victim selection process
Ability to relate to others "Why had Holmes gone to the trouble and expense of moving the children from city to city, hotel to hotel, if only to kill them?"(Larson 328).

"He Kept coming back to the same conclusion:Holmes was enjoying himself. He had arranged the insurance fraud for the money, but the rest of it was for fun. Holmes was testing his power to bend the lives of people" (355).

These quotes show that Holmes had lost the thrill of just killing people. Now he had to manipulate his kills by moving with them from hotel to hotel and building a closer bond with them to get the same excitement from what he had previously experienced Another sign that Holmes was manipulating
his victims was how he could make them
distrust there own senses by arguing things
so strongly while making it seem rational
no matter what he is saying. psychopath buying stuff Works Cited
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Wilhelm, Robert. "H. H. Holmes -'I Was Born with -'I Was Born with the Devil in Me.'" Murder by Gaslight: H.H Holmes - "I Was Born with the Devil Me." Google, 2 Nov.2009. Web. 16 Sept. 2012.<http://murderbygasslight.blogspot.com/2009/09/h-h-holmes-americas-most-prodigious.html>. Example of Manipulation "Julia left the apartment late that night, in good spirits... Holmes offered Julia a cheerful "Merry Christmas" and gave her a hug, then took her hand and led her to a room on the second floor that he had readied for the operation...his instruments laid out in a sunflower of polished steel. Fearful things... Julia could not help but see them and be sickened by their hard, eager gleam... She reached for his hand. There would be no pain, he assured her. She would awaken as healthy as she was now but without the encumbrance she bore within" (Larson 148).
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