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Isabella E

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of Tasmania

By: 4 Worldwide
(Serina, Izzy, Harmony, Archerd)

Many of the people in Tasmania are Christian believers. But not everyone believes in Christianity. There are many different religions; for example, there is Buddhism and Islam.
Their government in Tasmania is different than the one in America. Their government is called Constitutional Monarchy. These include having a Governor and a Premier. The Governor is the representative of Tasmania for the Queen of Australia.
Tasmania, Australia
In Tasmania, Australia they have many different types of food. Mostly inspired by the Outback that takes up 70% of its landmass.
Examples of food are:
-Steak (hunted Outback)

(For Example: Shrimp on the Barbie)
Tasmania is also called the "Island of Inspiration
This is an island state
Can be abbreviated as "Tas"
Known as "Tassie"
Tasmania was founded in 1642 by a Dutch explorer named Abel Tasman. Since he was the founder of this island, he named it after himself.

It is said that the stories of Tasmania live within the island.
Schools there are run by the governments, some religious organizations, two tertiary education institutions. The government runs from kindergarten to 12th grade.

There schools are set up very differently from our own:

Years 1-7 : Primary School
Years 7-10 : High School
Years 11-12: College
Tasmania is a very beautiful place that would be such a wonderful country to go sight seeing.

Summer: Last from December to February. (Maximum temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit)
Fall: March to May
Winter: June to August. (Maximum temperature 54 degrees Fahrenheit)
Spring: September to November
The people in Tasmania are friendly because the land is so beautiful, it relaxes everyone

They also speech English!
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