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Teachers' Quadrant

No description

Catheryn Panlaqui

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Teachers' Quadrant

The Teacher Analyst
(High Abstraction, Low Commitment) -,+
- Is often late, leaves school early
- Carelessly or incompletely prepares lesson plans
- Spends a lot of teaching time chatting with other teachers
- Maintains a messy and insufficiently structured classroom
- Always advises other teachers on what to do
- Talks much in meetings but avoids committee work
- Has a lot of solutions to school problems but seldom participates in solving them
- Is a rabble rouser; agitates for reforms
- Has a lot of complaints against management
- Detests supervision
- Often breaks school policies
The Teacher Dropout
(Low Commitment, Low Abstraction) -,-
- Comes late, leaves early
- Writes sloppy lesson plans
- Used copied or recycled lesson plans
- Does not volunteer for committee work
- Does not hold remedial coaching
- Spends teaching time on non-teaching tasks
- Complains a lot about school work
- Is often absent
- Does not do anything about pupils’ low performance
- Uses old or no teaching aids
- Has little or no knowledge about newer concepts/trends in teaching
- Detests being supervised
- Submits reports just for compliance
Teachers' Quadrant
The Professional Teacher
(High Commitment, High Abstraction) +,+
- Uses original, innovative solutions to problems
- Shares knowledge and skills with others
- Helps other teachers solve their teaching learning problems
- Volunteers for extra assignments
- Leads in school activities
- Is often consulted by peers
- Prepares model lesson plans and reports
- Is articulate in speech
- Keeps abreast of developments in education
- Implements school policies intelligently
- Coaches under-achievers
The Unfocused Teacher
(High Commitment, Low Abstraction) +,-
- Comes to school early, leaves late
- Often asks help from other teachers
- Has poor command of the English language
- Complies with all school policies
- Always has well written plans
- Welcomes supervision
- Depends on principal/peers to solve class problems
- Is not able to come up wit fresh innovative solutions to pupils’ learning problems
- Is seldom absent
- Always prepares lesson plans, although content is 50-50
- Maintains a clean and well structured classroom
- Has difficulty interpreting instructions of supervisor
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