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Librarians as Synthesizers: Helping Students Generate New Sounds in the Library Instruction Classroom

Clay Howard, EKU Libraries | Trenia Napier, Noel Studio & EKU Libraries

Trenia Napier

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of Librarians as Synthesizers: Helping Students Generate New Sounds in the Library Instruction Classroom

Librarians as Synthesizers: Study Notes... Your claim, should you choose to make your reader accept it... in the Library Instruction Classroom Let us introduce ourselves. It can't be all about us; tell us a little about you. Information literacy--refresh my memory. We teach them to FIND, ACCESS & EVALUATE. But how do they end up USING it? Pilot program Now what? Name: ______________ EKU Libraries & Noel Studio Information literacy is "recogniz[ing] when information is needed and [possessing] the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information." InfoLit Defined: The Pitch: Participate in a Synthesis Pilot LEFT:
Abstinence-only sex education is the most effective method of preventing teen pregnancy and the spread of STIs among adolescents.

Abstinence-only sex education is ineffective at preventing teen pregnancy and the spread of STIs among adolescents. clay.howard@eku.edu
trenia.napier@eku.edu Helping Students Generate New Sounds Organization: Integration (of sources)
67.14% scored Novice (25.71%) or Apprentice (41.43%)
32.86% scored Proficient (30%) or Distinguished (2.86%)

Information Literacy
68.57% scored Novice (25.71%) or Apprentice (42.86%)
31.40% scored Proficient (27.14%) or Distinguished (4.26%) Library instruction at EKU American Library Association. Presidential Committee on Information Literacy. Final Report.(Chicago: American Library Association, 1989.) Evaluate Find Access General Education in Writing Assessment: http://citationproject.net/CitationProject-findings.html Citation Project:

One traditional library instruction One 5-10 minute "the library's place in YOUR research" plug One synthesis workshop Collaborate? Score? Expand? Select evidence and tie it together with your own words (maybe those reasons?) to draft a paragraph in support of your claim. Abstinence only sex education is ineffective at reducing teen pregnancy because teens who take virginity pledges are just as likely to have sex as those who do not, but “they (teens) are less likely to use condoms or other forms of contraception when they become sexually active.”(Boonstra par.9) Similarly “A recent study found that teens who took pledges of virginity as part of abstinence-only sex ed classes ultimately had STD rates similar to other young people and were less likely to use contraception or other forms of protection when they did become sexually active.”(Caplan par.4) Additionally a recent study confirmed “Not only did pledgers and non-pledgers not differ in premarital sex, the had the same incidence and types of sexually transmitted diseases.”(Barlow par.4)
Due to ineffective teaching methods and the unstable hormones of developing adolescents, abstinence-only sex education is unsuccessful. Since 1996, over 1 billion dollars have been spent on abstinence-only sex education, yet teen pregnancy is on the rise (Boonetra). Furthermore, thirty percent of teenage girsl in the United States will be pregnant before the age of twenty (Frohnapfel-Krugs). Most through a partnership with the English Department requiring all sections of ENG102 (freshman composition) participate in (at least) one library instruction session.
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