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Growth Mindset

No description

Scott Winkler

on 24 July 2015

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Transcript of Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset
Monday 20th July

All Teaching Staff: Devotions and
Growth Mindset Pt 1

Teachers Standards and Staff Evaluations

Primary: Water Session
Secondary: Curriculum

Tuesday 21st July

9:00 Devotions

9:30 Primary: Kathy Walker PD
Secondary: Curriculum and Reporting

1:30. Primary: Maths n Movement

Wednesday and Thursday

First Aid
Friday 24th July

9:00 All Teaching Staff:

Devotions and Growth Mindset Pt 2

Later: Individual Planning
2015 Professional Learning Week
Carol Dweck
Growth Mindset

Fixed Mindset
What does the bible say about this idea of growth mindset?

What verses come to mind?

Discuss in small groups...

Over to you:

In pairs or small groups:
begin planning how encouraging a growth mindset in your classroom is going to look
if you already do, what do you do?
prepare to share
Where do you stand?

School Registration

Staff Appraisals
Brief Comments
Overview of the Week
Growth Mindset

Biblical Focus
Spend some time watching, thinking, exploring and preparing to develop our implementation of the growth Mindset
Burn off Breakfast:

Investigation activity

1. Use Transforming Emmanuel blog
http://transformingemmanuel.blogspot.com.au/ to update about Growth Mindset and add discussions

2. Develop GM in classroom

3. Practice with Rubrics

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