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Leadership Intern

No description

Peter Engle

on 22 September 2010

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Transcript of Leadership Intern

–Special Projects Coordinators –
For Leadership Development

Shannon Kelly
Assistant Director for Student
Life and Leadership Peter Engle Mary Ruth Govindavari Ann Levy Individual Projects


Leadership Nexus All of Us My Project: Leadership Transcript

Leadership e-Portfolio

Focus Groups Leadership programs:
Leader Shops
Leadership e-Portfolio
Peer Leadership Program
Leadership Coaches My Project: Leadership Coaches What We Learned What We Can Apply to Our Futures Proper Protocol



Self Evalutation

Time Management

Networking Mary: Decision Making

Peter: Perserverance

Ann: Civic Engagement Responsibilities Career Exploration

My Project: Peer Leaders

Collaborative Team Self-aware of Comfort Zone Transformational Leadership Leadership Challenge
Social Change Model
Transformational Leadership Helped prepare for LEADSTRONG Leadership Theories • Challenged Strengths and Weaknesses
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