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Animal Testing: Test without Tears

No description

Mary Wicker

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Animal Testing: Test without Tears

Animal Testing: Test without Tears
The expense of animal testing
* Tax payers have lost about twenty million dollars due to animal testing.
* The purchase and maintenance of labs are extremely expensive.
* The most commonly used animals in the lab are birds, rats and mice because they are the least expensive and dont cause attention from the public.
An Unethical Science
* Animals and humans are different, this is the main reason why animal testing is an unethical science.
*Some drugs are deadly to humans, but safe for animals.
* Animal testing doesn't help the diseases that humanity is mostly threatened by, such as cancer, alzheimers and AIDS.
* Records prove that 80% of medicines and drugs tested on animals failed to cure human health problems.

"Practically all animal experiments are untenable on a statistical scientific basis, for they possess no scientific validity or reliability. They merely perform an alibi for pharmaceutical companies, who hope to protect themselves thereby.” -Herbert Stiller M.D.
The cruelty of animal testing
* It's estimated that about five million animals suffer each year in the United States due to animal testing.
* About twenty two animals die every second in labs.
* Animals are burned, cut, maimed, addicted to drugs, starved, and given fatal drugs with no anesthesia.
The history of Animal Testing
* Animal testing has dated back to the 4th century BCE.
* The reason behind Animal Testing is to learn what is safe for humans to use in medicine and cosmetics.

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Time for change
Ways to stop animal testing:
* If you are against animal testing then don't buy products that test on animals.
* Voice your opinion
* join against companies that stand against animal cruelty. (PETA)
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