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May Day Eve

No description

Gabbie Jimenez

on 9 February 2017

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Transcript of May Day Eve

May Day Eve
Background Of Author

Nicomedes Joaquin
born May 4, 1917, Paco, Manila, Phil.
died April 29, 2004, San Juan, Phil.
Filipino novelist, poet, playwright, essayist, and biographer
works present the diverse heritage of the Filipino people.
was conferred the rank and title of National Artist of the Philippines for Literature
Elderly woman, obeys what the mistress asks of her, accused of being a witch
and believes in superstitious beliefs

beautiful, young woman who has a lot
of curiosity,hardheaded, brave and will do anything for her husband to be.

Dona Agueda-
old lady with grey hair, many sentiments, emotional and resentful.

Dona Agueda's Daughter
- A vain curious girl who
is motivated to know about the past of her mother.

Don Badoy Montiya
- A good lover, emotional and repents for what he has done to Agueda.

- Believes in superstitious beliefs just as much as his grandma.
Intramuros, Manila; In a room with a mirror on May Day Eve (written during world war II)
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
By: Nick Joaquin
Nick Joaquin
Anastasia told the girls about the story that they would be able to know their future husband by reciting an incantation in front of the mirror but if it gone wrong, they would see a devil.
Rising Action
Agueda tried the incantation in front of the mirror then she saw Don Badoy. They had some confrontation and she ended up biting Don Badoy’s hand because he wouldn’t let her go. At that moment, he fell in love with her but he would still make her pay for what she did.
Don Badoy told his grandson, Voltaire, that he once saw a witch in front of a mirror when he caught him doing the incantation in front of the mirror. Amazed by what he said, Voltaire told him that his grandma once saw the devil in that mirror.
Falling Action
Don Badoy realized that he ponders on love that had been wasted. They had shared a bitter and loveless marriage. His forgot his love to Agueda since that May day eve.
Don Badoy reminisced the time when he saw Agueda in front of the mirror and when he fell madly in love with her. That old love had been blinded by hatred, but it has now resurfaced but it’s too late because Agueda is dead.

External Conflict
Man vs. Man
Man vs. Supernatural
The conflict within the story May Day Eve is when the protagonist, Don Badoy Montoya, hears from his grandson that his wife, Doña Agueda, describes him as a devil. Badoy is devastated at this news and in return tells the boy that his wife is nothing but a witch.
We can see that Agueda and Badoy after having a bad married life with each other, used to regret the past that they’ve been together and it is revealed with their hatred for each other and how Agueda used to describe the devil to her granddaughter as if it was Badoy and same way as Badoy describing the witch in the mirror to his grandson as if it was Agueda.

Point Of View
Magic Realism
The main theme that is present in the story by Nick Joaquin is magic realism, sometimes known as magical realism. Other strong theme that is recurrent in the story is the theme of true love.
The theme centers on intense remorse caused by wrong decisions. Like believing in superstitions.
Guide Questions
What is this story about?
What is meaning of what you just have read?
Did the story have a good ending? Why did the author end the story in this way?
What was the author’s purpose in writing this?
What clues does the title give you about the story?
What connections can i make to the text? How do i feel about it?
Did the plot twist cause you to change your mind about any of the characters?
Guide Questions
How did the characters change from beginning to end of the book?
Is there an overall theme?
Who tells the story? Is it first person or third person point of view? How does this affect the story?
Can you see yourself in or have you faced a similar situation?
What is the conflict in the story? How did the characters deal with their problems? What details and events lead up to the resolution of the problem?
Guide Question
What is the resolution to the problem?
Who do you think was the second most important character?
What factors would you change if you were the author of the book?
Were there aspects of the story that did not quite make sense?
The tone may possibly show Agueda’s disgust towards the dominance of the opposite gender. As to this, the said tone may clearly appeal the emotions of the readers.
This story was written on a third person point of view, as the pronouns “he” or “she” were used throughout the whole story.
Man vs Man in a way wherein Badoy was full or regret for not being able to address his emotions with Agueda.
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