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Til the Boys Come Home

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jon woozley

on 5 October 2014

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Transcript of Til the Boys Come Home

Til the Boys Come Home
A Trip to Salt Lake
Thanks to Jonathan Richards the boys were taken on a trip to salt lake city. These boys were Mormon so they went to the temple. Also Dan got a special experience, he got to sing a solo with the Mormon tabernacle choir. They swam in the Great Salt Lake and went to a Theme park. Then they got to go to Trevor's grandfathers Buick car dealer.(cars were just invented so they were very rare and expensive at this time, so this was a special experience) They even got to drive some on a race track behind his shop. Then it was time to go back they rode on a train in Jonathan's private car.
A Trip to Yellowstone
When the boys got older they went to Yellowstone. They hiked up to a open valley and set up camp. It rained that night and the boys forgot to dig a ditch, so they wouldn't get wet. They were freezing in the morning so they ran out of the tent and jumped in the hot spring. The rest of the day they did games and shot bow n arrows. Then it was time to hike back. On the way back Dan, Trevor, and Leonard were up ahead they heard a strange noise. They walked around a bush and saw a mother bear and her baby Trevor and Dan got out of the way. Leonard just froze. The bear slashed at Leonard, he dodged a couple of swipes but eventually was hit in the leg. It looked like it almost tore off his whole leg. At the same time Trevor jumped on the bears back and tried to choke the bear. It was working for a while then the bear slammed him against a tree. Right after Dan shot the Bear.
Salt Lake City, Utah 1914
Yellowstone 1914
Pocatello, Idaho 1914
What I Learned
Frank O'Brian
Jonathan Richards
Margret Richards
Bishop Peterson

After the trip to Yellowstone Leonard lost his leg. Trevor's broken rib got healed over time. Trevor invited Dan to go with him to California. At the time Trevor was going to Stanford. Dan Accepted. When they got there there was going to be a musical recital at a restaurant. After they said the stage would be open for anyone to perform. Dan decided he would perform. When the day came the people were amazed at his talent. They loved his music and he played all day for them. The next day the Stanford musical director offered him a new thing called a scholarship (back then these were just being thought of). Trevor was amazed!
World War One
Trevor decided he would go to war. Sam followed after him, and Kelly left and was killed on the first day of combat. This was a sad time for everyone. When Dan returned home he talked to his father about going to Stanford and Kelley's death. His father rudely told him how he was weak cause he was not going to war. They argued for awhile after Dan went strait to the army office. The man asked him to shoot in there range. He gave him the most accurate gun in the army Dan shot 4 shots. The man saw only one hole dead in the middle of the bull's eye. He thought for a second he hit it once and missed every other time. Then he saw he had 4 perfect shots. Dan was sent to war as a sniper. So he gave up his Stanford scholarship.
When Christmas came it was time to go to Salt Lake. After the accident on the motorcycle Trevor was grounded from driving. The Richards gave them all suits to go to the temple. They also received a Book of Mormon. They got to be the waitresses for a meeting with Jonathan's railroad company. They served food and drinks to the men.
The Big Race
The story begins with a school race on the track. Dan lines up to race and sees the new rich kid, Trevor, that moved into his neighborhood. He thought that this kid was a spoiled brat. The race started with Dan in the lead. He almost won but Trevor pulled ahead and won. This was a huge upset! Dan's brother Kelly laughed, but now it was Kelley's turn. This was a long distance race. Kelly was big and strong so he should win. The race started with Kelly in the lead. Soon he saw Trevor caching up to him. Trevor ended up winning.
The Motorcycle
Trevor got a new motorcycle for a present. Like all teenagers he got caught racing up a canyon by his dad. He was told not to go up that canyon. One day Trevor took Dan on a ride on his motorcycle. He wanted to show Dan how well his motorcycle works. They went up the canyon. They made it safe to the top. On the way down on the dangerous turn. They almost hit a truck but Trevor had fast reactions. He turned sharp. They went flying into the trees. Dan fell off and hit his head, it was bleeding. Trevor got burnt on his leg by the motor. Also the motorcycle got damaged.
The Boys
Dan O'Brian
Leonard Whitman
Trevor Richards
Sam Peterson

Trouble Makers
Kelly O'Brian

We should not judge people by their money or anything else. Dan judged Trevor wrong and later they became as brothers. We should obey our parents because they always end up being right. We should share our talents with others and not hide them. Because they are blessings from god. We should protect our liberty and freedom.
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