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Welcome to Ms. Schultz's 9th Grade English! Let's dive in!

No description

Meggie Schultz

on 21 June 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to Ms. Schultz's 9th Grade English! Let's dive in!

Raise the correct hand for the appropriate response:
1) In Ms. Schultz's class, I have the ability to make up any test I do not do well on.
Right: Yes Left: No

2) Students in Ms. Schultz's class get how many warnings before being sent to a buddy room?
Right: One Left: Two

3) Almost all work, aside from essays and studying for tests, will be completed in class.
Right: True Left: False
3-Minute CFU
Welcome to Ms. Schultz's 9th Grade English! Let's dive in!
I'd like each student to think of a question they have about Ms. Schultz or about the class, or a comment they have about the class (perhaps a prediction, a first impression, etc.)

If you have a question/comment, please raise your hand. Wait to be called on to share.
You are not required to ask a question or make a comment, but it's a nice way to start a conversation on our first day! :)
Each student will be given a "Facebook page" to complete with interesting information about themselves!
Read the beginning of the sentence and fill in whatever facts about yourself are needed. After you are finished, take some time to draw and color yourself in the profile picture box.

If you do not finish in class, please take home and complete as homework.
First thing you might be wondering, who is
Ms. Schultz?
Have been teaching for three years- students from ages 12-20.
Studied English Creative Writing- took over 6 poetry/fiction classes!
"Married" for 5 years with two furry children
Addicted to Starbucks and Sharpies
Didn't become "a good student" until 9th grade
Fun Facts!
I've had 20+ different colors in my hair
I have gone shark fishing in a 12-foot metal canoe
One of my former college professors has a poem I wrote tattooed on her shoulder
I've gone skydiving!
Both of my dogs are named after my husband's and my favorite "people": Douglas Adams (Doug) author of "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", Yoshi for the Mario character
OK, now it's your turn!
We will play several getting-to-know-you games over the next few days. For now, please just say your name and something interesting about you.
Examples might be:
a place you've traveled, a hobby you have, a talent you have, an event you've attended, etc.
What are we going to learn in 48hrs?
Reading: short stories, mythology
Writing: response to literature, narrative writing, summary
Grammar and Spelling
Important Things to Know
It is EXTREMELY important for you to be at school. If absent, it is YOUR responsibility to get the makeup work when you return. You will have two days to make up missing assignments.

You will be marked tardy if you are not in the room when the bell ring finishes. Attendance is taken after EVERY break. Remember, 2 times tardy equals an absence, and 2 absences means no credit.
Cell Phones
All work, aside from essays and studying for tests, will be given time to be completed at the end of the class period.

If students are unable to complete work in class, they may take their notebook home after checking it out (MUST SIGN OUT FOR GRADING PURPOSES) and turn in their notebook into the bin in the back of class.

All quizzes and tests can be made up if missed, but must be made up within two school days for credit.
Daily Journal entries
Daily Reading Logs
Chapter by Chapter Tracking Worksheets
Daily Quizzes on material covered
Tests (Mid-term and Final)
Character Analysis Essay
Extra Credit

Whether it's in a classroom, on a football field, or in a reality competition, there are rules which keep everything working smoothly and going as planned.
For our class to be successful, here are our rules:
Be On Time: Be in your seat with your notebook and supplies and ready to learn
Be Engaged: Raise your hand to share comments or questions; listen when others are speaking
Be Prepared: Sharpen pencils before class or during free time
Be Responsible: Do NOT write on desks or other school property; please do not bring distracting items to class. No food or open drinks, gum.
Be Respectful: Speak kindly; do not swear or argue; support
Behavior Policy
Negative Consequences
1st Warning=Just a warning
2nd Warning= Lost points, 5 minute detention during break/after school with behavior reflection, possible call home
3rd Warning= Lost points, 15 minute detention during break/after school, behavior essay, definite call home
4th Warning= Referral to Admin
Positive Consequences
Reward Coupons- Get items from incentive bin at end of week
Positive phone call home
Extra points
No Homework pass
Facebook Page
Tonight's Homework
Read through the syllabus with your parent/guardian. Your parent/guardian must sign the syllabus and include their best contact number! Bring it back tomorrow for credit!
Facebook Page (Information Sheet) due tomorrow
Cell phones and other electronic devices will be turned off before class and be kept put away in student bags or Ms. Schultz will take them.

Confiscated electronics will be available for pickup at the end of class, no sooner.

*Note: I do allow students to listen to music during certain points of the class period (quizzes, silent work time) IF they have headphones. I will tell you when music is OK*
Journal 1: Who Are You?
You might talk about your hobbies or maybe your religion or nationality. You might describe your experiences, or tell me where you come from (literally or figuratively.) You could compare yourself to others, or you may give a description of your looks.

No matter how you choose to answer, just remember
to tell me who you think you are.
In your first journal entry, answer this seemingly simple yet extremely complicated question:
Who are you?

Who Am I Game
For this game, the class will be divided into two teams.
One person from each team will come up and will be given a new identity.
The players TOGETHER will get to give their teams 2 hints as to who they might be- one hint each.
The teams then get to ask 10 questions, 5 questions per team, to guess who their player is. Team 1 will ask, consider guessing, then Team 2 will ask, and consider guessing, then so on.
Each team only gets TWO guesses- so use them wisely!
The winning team gets extra rewards coupons!
Summer Interview
Our last getting to know you activity has two parts:
1) Your first challenge is to get up and get to know as many of your classmates as possible by asking them two interesting questions:
1. If you could go anywhere- no money, no problems- rather than class over summer, where would you go? And yes, outer space is possible.
2. If you could do any activity rather than sitting in class, what would you do? And sure, you could fly if you wanted.

Your second challenge is to write a short story, at least 2 paragraphs, imagining that you are out doing that amazing thing you imagined or visiting that awesome place you'd rather be. Describe your wishful thought in as much detail as possible.

Make me want to give you an A and never make you come to class because your story is that epic!
(Sadly, I can only give you the A for awesome work... the district requires you come to class...)
Pre-Test Time!
Bad News: Yes, we have to take a test on the first day....

Good news: This test is only to help me know your current level of understanding so it does NOT count against your grade. You will get credit for taking it and showing effort.
If it's super easy, then you are going to do just fine in this class. If it's tough, don't worry, you will learn it all!

Note: if you don't try and you fail miserably due to lack of effort, I'm going to have A LOT of extra work to give you. So really, do your best! :)
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