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http://www.seedsofchange.com/enewsletter/issue_55/companion_planting.aspx , Carrots love tomatoes,

Foodcentric 1

on 22 July 2011

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Rue Radishes mint nasturtium bee balm nasturtium hyssop cabbage Tomatoe Potato Carrots Apples amaranth Peas Fennel cabbage borage squash strawberries catnip chamomile onions chives chives horse radish Plums Flax Flax Corn beans dead nettle (pumpkin) Spinach SunFlower cucumber brocolli geranium eggplant eggplant used to concentrate pests around potatoes Discourages curculios Radish asparagus parsley basil beets kohlrabi petunia grain edges = lamium/dead nettle lettuce rosemary Rosemary chervil Mint less flys, less cats Valerian fixes Phosphorus Oregano growth & flavor red root pig weed Mustard protects beet spinach carrot & parsnip icicle radish Turnips Watermelon kills tomato nematode Kale chayote collards leeks scarlet runner beans reduces blister beetle tincture anti monilia on Apple cucumber anti flee beetle celriac vetch fixes potassium dill celery thyme worm wood Southern Wood onion flax
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