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No description

Amandip Singh

on 30 May 2011

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Transcript of SKINPUT

SKINPUT: The Computer Human Collaboration By: Amandip Singh Poonia What is Skinput? How does it work Skinput is a way in which your skin can become a touch screen device or your fingers buttons on a MP3 controller.

A gadget that gives you computer functionality on your fingertips!

Can play games such as tetris and even make phone calls

Harrison says “we have roughly two square meters of external surface area, and most of it is easily accessible by our hands”. Married the myriad sounds our body makes when tapped by a finger on different areas of say, an arm or hand or other fingers, to a computer function.

Uses bio-acoustic sensing array that is worn on the arm meaning that no electronics are attached to the skin.

When a finger taps the body, bone densities, soft tissues, joint proximity, etc, uit makes some sound. Harrison Affects on society Great operating equipment while on the move, changing tracks on an MP3 while out jogging, answering a phone call or starting a stop watch.

Not to mention that the possibility of using your hand as calculator means you really can count on your fingers.

Can be used to as a learning tool for kids. However, at the same time this can be a negative factor for the society. It will tend to be a distracting gadget for drivers
.New: may hold side affects.
Could also affect the skin The Environment It willhave a positive effect against the environment.

Will Skinput will eventually replace calculater, phones and other technology based products in the near future.

Only harm that will be done to the environment will be the pollution that is caused by the production of Skinput. But compared to the production of calculator, phones and other gadgets make; the pollution caused by Skinput will be less.
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