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Different Ways to Present Information

Students get bored easily of being presented with information in the same way. I am looking into the different avenues that will make learning fun

Alison Dowell

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Different Ways to Present Information

Students have a need to be motivated and inspired to learn most effectively. To meet this, we as teachers need to make our lessons engaging to all our learners despite their differing learning styles. We are going to go down this avenue and see what options of presenting information are open to us. Teaching Strategies Inovative Teaching Ways not to promote satisfaction
We will discover different teaching strategies available to us

learners need to be stimulated in different ways to satisfy their preferred learning style according to Bloom

My Findings
Keller's motivational design theory tells us that there are four steps for promoting and sustaining motivation in the learning process.
Brought about by grabbing the interest of the learner, surprising them suddenly and waking them up to a new idea. 1st Way 2nd Way To spark curiosity when challenging questions or problems are introduced Methods of bringing Attention to Learners Participation-


Students must pay attention to learn...



Enquiry- Methods of bringing Relevance
to Learners

Puts things into perspective, adds motivation
and meaning to whats being taught Experience-

Present worth-

Future use-
Methods of bringing Confidence to Learners If a learner does not see reaching success as an attainable goal, then their motivation will decrease Growth-


Learner Control-
Methods of bringing Satisfaction to Learning Learning must be satisfying in some way to help them enjoy their learning

Newly acquired skills-

How will we achieve this? Why?
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