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Schools initiative

Ian Kenyon

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Radio

Who are we? Write Passionate
education (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr Record (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Edit Ian Kenyon is a trained journalist and
award winning broadcaster with 13 years
in BBC Radio, beginning in sports reporting as a producer and commentator, during which time he covered Commonwealth games, Premiership and European football and pitch-side at 3 FA Cup Finals. He was also a presenter for Royal Ascot race radio.

He moved into News and Current Affairs broadcasting at BBC Radio Merseyside, as a reporter and presenter before professionally crossing the rubicon, becoming poacher turned gamekeeper, working in PR for a £350 million pound globally identifiable business.

"Reporters" was his brain child and comes from a passion for education and journalism, and a desire to inspire students in the subjects of English and Media and the art of radiocraft. Covered Commonwealth games, Premiership, European football and pitch-side at 3 FA Cup Finals Moved into News and Current Affairs BBC Radio Merseyside, as a reporter and Presenter Professionally crossed the rubicon, poacher turned gamekeeper working in PR for a £350 million pound globally identifiable business. Now writing the news as a primary source! Ian
& Corrie Halford School Governor at former High School

Regular host of school visits to BBC Radio Stations

Frequent visitor to schools to talk about broadcasting Big Picture By understanding the relationship between purpose and audience, students will be able to identify and manipulate strengths in their effective broadcasting style.

Using vocal tricks and best practice, students will be able to improve their broadcasting style.

Using peer and self assessment to aid in the understanding of vocal harmonics. Presentation
Masterclass Research Script Writing Digital Recording Production Evaluation Peer, self and
"ask the expert"
evaluation via
V.L.E Decision making process, setting the news agenda, reviewing and amending as appropriate.

Working to time and against tight deadlines becomes the key to students work.

Finesse and radio craft. Using varied sources, like news and aggregator websites, pupils will adapt existing copy to suit their own script.

This will help develop online literacy skills.
Content will be adapted to fit time frame constraints.

Content will be adapted to suit perceived audience.

Students will use fluent sustained standard English in a range of familiar and unfamiliar contexts. They will then adapt formality or familiarity as appropriate. Students will create a radio style podcast, in the style of a news broadcast, appropriate to age

Developing skills such as content sourcing, writing skills, audience perception, content styling, recording and digital editing. Suggested Sessions 1. The News Meeting Introduction to radio and the concept of great storytelling. Sharing the best of the worlds media to inspire and spark the seeds of creativity.

Deciding the story - we will have worked with teaching staff in advance, but will engage pupils in the planning process. Perhaps this is the opportunity to enhance earlier work and develop a book report into a news story as an example. Half day session, more best practice sharing and introducing production and style methods

Finesse report for air. Thinking of music or SFX required and subbing and digitally editing the audio for air.

Upload to Reporters Workshops website for further review. 3. Deadline working This can be a teacher led lesson or preferably home working.

Writing the report in full standard English on a news/sport/event/story.

Adapt script into "radio" English so that it suits identified audience. 2. Production Analysis & assessment Peer
review "Ask the
session Self and Staff assessment Corrie Halford BSc (hons) PGCE is a fully qualified teacher who has been inspiring youngsters for well over a decade.

She is an advocate of cross curriculum education and joined the Reporters project both to offer professional education advice, but also to support the ethos of learning through creativity.

Corrie is a teaching recovery specialist who has taught students of all ages from Primary to A level, and has first hand experience of training teachers and managing busy teams and departments.

She was honoured as an oustanding teacher at the National Teaching Awards Advocate of cross
curriculum education Teaching recovery specialist Taught Children of all
ages and ability from
Primary to A level Honoured at the National
Teaching Awards as an
Outstanding teacher Using digital editing software, students will record and edit their work as required Radio, Podcasting, Journalism, Storytelling, Creative Writing, Digital Production Who are we? Impart the art of broadcasting

Stir student’s storytelling creativity

Develop communication skills

Open pupil’s eyes to new ways of presenting complex information

Hone student’s information handling skills

Give students the freedom to express themselves in multimedia formats

Inspire pupils to write and encourage flair and style

A unique and innovative solution to revision requirements

Put a great new spin on difficult English texts

Draw out pupils understanding of the subject matter Call or email
us now for a chat
about how we can
help you, your staff
and your students 0151 200 0763
www.reportersworkshop.co.uk so...
in brief....

students will... We'll do this over a number of
pre-agreed teaching and homework
sessions..... here's our idea of a scheme But thats
not all... ... because we believe in giving your school the best value for money... we include training for up to two members of staff per workshop.

This way, your school can continue to deliver the benefits of the course without the cost! (although we'll always be here to help if you need us) ...
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