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What is a Mockumentary

No description

Natasha Anderson

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of What is a Mockumentary

Why a Mockumentary?
Associated with the realism it invokes is a sense of
and with the characters and the situations.
Cinematic Techniques
talking heads
lack of a laugh track
breaking the 4th wall
hand held camea
Rhetorical Devices
excess as hyperbole
knowing laughter
Laugh Track
The Office as a Classical Sitcom
The Office as it Normally Is
Excessive as Hyperbole
& Knowing Laughter

The Office
—A TV Mockumentary
A sitcom, usually aimed at social criticism, that borrows from documentary techniques in order to enhance realism and add to either
or dramatic effect.
Excessive as Hyperbole
"this textual device allows excessively exaggerated characters to represent both a “straight meaning” that represents dominant ideology at face value and a second oppositional meaning that undercuts the straight meaning. "
Knowing Laughter
"audience members are still entertained but are at the same time being invited to consider some of the more serious implications"
Working Thesis
The credibility and authenticity granted through
The Office's
mockumentary style increases audience engagement, allowing for the show to make social criticism geared towards subjects that are typically taboo in the workplace environment. Ultimately,
The Office's
success popularized TV mockumentaries in America.
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