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Business level 1 lesson 2

No description

Holly Reynolds

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Business level 1 lesson 2

Unit 2 - Understanding Customer Services
Step 1
Considered when customer service can be delivered

We have produced work on B and Q

You have compared the service at B and Q to another business of your choice
Step 2
You completed a brainstorm chart on the needs and expectations of customers
Step 3
You went on to consider the different types of customers to be found in a business.

Goal 1 Today
1) Using your notes from class you need to type up a neat brainstorm on needs and expectations for your criteria evidence 1.1

2) Produce a table in Word to show the different customers to be found at Tresham College.

You need to explain how each group of customers can be looked after by the college.

e.g staff may need training on new equipment. disabled learners may need a lift to other floors.

Work needs to be neat and well presented with relevant images for your portfolio of evidence 1.1

When completed save and print to hand in all work to Holly and kieran

SO FAR WE HAVE........
Goal 2 Today
Complete Customer needs and expectations scenarios and be ready to discuss your ideas with the group.

The importance of customer service to

1) Customers

2) Staff

3) The organisation
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