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Rewards for grades

No description

Justice Tiritas

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Rewards for grades

The great debate between being rewarded or bribed for good grades. What do you think? My opinion is that parents should
reward kids for their hard work
in school which will motivate them
to work hard and stay in school. Bribed or Rewarded with money First, rewarding students
for their hard work in school
will motivate them to keep going. Next, I think kids will want to stay in school and work even harder at it. Lastly,students will make school their first priority in life other than family. Sol Stern of the Manhatten Institute of Polacy Reaserch says that "paying kids for grades is totally immoral". Scholastic Kids News says that some people think its like bribery and others think learning has no price tag. Thank You.
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