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Types of Historical Evidence

Primary & Secondary Sources demystified...

Anthony Gagliano

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Types of Historical Evidence

Gagliano Types of Historical Evidence Two Types of Historical Evidence explained... Materials written or created during the period being studied. Think about it like this….
If I tell you something,
I am the primary source.

If you tell someone else
what I told you, you are
the secondary source. All sources must be critically examined. Evaluation of Evidence Ultimately, what would be the best way to study history?

Let’s watch a short documentary clip on this potential... So what is the "BEST" method? Accounts of the past written by historians who use primary resources as evidence. Is the Author qualified? Does the author have a known point of view? Primary: Secondary: If the source is primary - did they witness
the event? If the source is secondary - did they do
broad research? How does the Internet increase
the importance of this?
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