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Best of Both Worlds

No description

Ashley Lax

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of Best of Both Worlds

What is a Sport Club?
On campus:
like varsity sports (Soccers, Basketballs)
previous varsity sports (Fencing, Boxing, Baseball)
non-traditional sports are looking to form sport clubs, i.e. Paintball, Quidditch, Disc Golf

Across the country:
discussions on Sport Clubs and their place on campus (independent vs sponsored by Rec Sports)
more leagues and associations forming to accommodate growing club competition interest (NIRSA with Lacrosse, UAAA)
The heart of the operation
Approx. 350 Competitive Sports employees
250-320 sport officials
35 supervisors (10 student coordinators)
What we offer
Over 40 sports leagues, activities and events

Extramural opportunities

Statewide officials development
Team sports are declining across the country
More numbers make it more difficult to field teams
Not so on campus, Basketball, Soccer and Volleyball still biggest sports for us

More interest in individualized competition and more focus on the participant experience

New sports on the horizon:

Log Rolling Soccer Tennis
Loopy Ball Sumo Wrestling
Human Bowling Pickle Ball
KanJam Lacrosse
Curling Arm Wrestling
Spikeball Earth Ball

Intramural Sports
Sport Clubs
Why CoSpo?
Benefits include:

Best of Both Worlds
What CoSpo brings to the Division
The Competitive Sports Model
Development is our #1 goal
Development of officials = White Whistle Program, extramurals

Development of supervisors = Building Better Badgers, peer supervision, mentorship

Development of student coordinators = Mentorship, committee work, management of staff, scheduling and training

Development of officers = Building Better Badgers, Executive Board, Council

Development of participants = captain's position, sportsmanship, ejection meetings
opportunity for continued enjoyment of recreating with a sport specific outlet
opportunity for student employees AND program participants to serve in leadership roles
programming out of every Rec Sports facility, indoor and outdoor
Student run teams
CoSpo involved with the oversight and development of clubs
Monthly meetings
Council meetings
Budget prep
Event supervision
Petitioning to be a Sport Club
Executive Board and Council
What we stand for:

Participation driven
Leadership focused
Culture development
The Participant Experience
New sports
Cool venues and improved practice facilities
Interactive components
Training an army
Officials Training
Info sessions
Rules Clinics
Field Clinics
Nightly and formal evals
Tests and quizzes, video plays
Supervisor In Training Program
Classroom sessions
Shadow shifts
WiGrow and evals
Officer Training
Classroom sessions
Monthly meetings
Building Better Badgers
Student Coordinator Training
Shadow shifts
Classroom sessions
Trial and error
WiGrow and evals
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