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Global warming

No description

Shannon Cross

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Global warming

about the
If you watch this
I watch you
and football
the end
I'm still watching
to your right of this room
Last is winning
Please watch
If you want to win you have to listen to your coaches.
If you listen to your coaches you can make huge plays and win.
I know you want to do your thing but if you want to win listen to your coaches just like John Elway did.
first is
please pay attention
The #1 thing is DONT BE THE
DONT be the ball hog by passing and
giving it to people even if they are not good.
Teamwork is also training with each other and getting better with each other.
have trust
Always have trust in your team.

One time Johnny caught one like this when I yelled apple, apple means I'm behind
you to catch it I
would be all over him
if he didn't catch it.
have confidence
Always have confidence but dont talk big words. confidence is not always
saying oh I'm better than you, but
always have confidence in you.
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