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Example of using prezi's zooming functionality to talk about various inclusive concepts. (Matter - Molecule - Element etc)

George Gichia

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Evaluation

isn't this where
spin comes in?

don't remember.. Website Double Page Spread Media Evaluation By George Gichia My website uses conventions of real TV channel website by using flash technology, bright colours and images of the featured programmes on the homepage to make it look attractive. My website challenges forms of an existing website by using a slideshow and on the images tells the description of each programme whereas some TV channel websites dedicate a webpage to one specific programme.
Combinations of main product and ancillary text As you can see above in programmes page I created a slideshow of images and in that slideshow of images on each of them I added description of what the programmes are about. So when the slideshow is in motion the images along with the description are displayed which makes it effective and more interactive. As you can see I'm maintain the theme colour of green and black for my website and for my text to to be visible I made the font white Arial size 12. Media Technologies To present my evaluation I used
prezi which is a software used for
people to create their own creative
presentations. Another new media technology
i used is a flash making my TV website called Wix which helped into making a flash website from using image slideshows to using animations. Since I didn't have the photoshop software at home
I managed to use their online website to create my double
page spread. My double page spread develops conventions of an existing double page
spread with the text going down in columns also TV guide magazines have a
double page spread dedicated to one particular programme. Actors I needed actors for my TV channel website so I did a photoshoot
of a number of actors and took photos of different locations. Brief: A website for a new TV channel (to include a minimum of three hyperlinked pages with original images, audio and video extract), together with two of the following three options:

a newspaper advertisement for the channel;

a double page spread for a listings magazine, focused on the channel’s launch;

an animated ident sequence for the channel. Newspaper advertisment Animation/Video Extract This extract dosen't follow conventions
of TV channel trailers because there isnot
any video of people in dialogue but just an
animation Locations Deji Daramola Ritchie Talabi Danielle Tiley & Lucy Fender George Poynter Audience Feedback I used an online photo editing tool
called fotoflexer to help create my newspaper
advert poster. For moving animation extract I used adobe flash which is a software that allows people
to create their own animations or moving sequences. I have followed the convention
of having my text going down in
columns and also using a whole page
for a poster advert which
some companies do. Canary Wharf, London Concept:
The concept of the TV website is to
be interactive and attractive enough as the likes of the Sky One website
in order to build anticipation for the launch
of the TV channel. I also used microsoft word to
put down my research as well as
constructing my planning for my
main product. The effectiveness of this is to
give the audience an insight visually
into the type of programmes that
will feature on the channel.
I used internet explorer to get
secondary research on existing
TV channel websites. The general feedback I got from my audience is how the website looks very professional like an existing TV channel websites. The only thing I needed to work is to add a few more programmes including a childrens programmes to meet a wide range of audiences
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