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Things I Like To Do When I'm At Home!

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Eva Cunningham

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of Things I Like To Do When I'm At Home!


I love soccer! I pass in the yard with my brother sometimes too. I am also on a soccer team I'm in NASA. I'm mostly goalie and
mid field.
Well, I like to watch tv, but what I like to watch is Amazing world Of Gumball!
Watch Youtube

Well, some specific things I like to watch is minecraft , so yeah!
I love Minecarft I actually play it a lot when I'm at home! Found about 7 Diamonds or more I was so excited! I play Minecraft with my friends and my brother he is about to turn 14! Also I had a dog named TJ in my world he is based of my dog named TJ in real life.
Things I Like To Do When I'm At Home!

Watch TV

Play With My Dog
First, I like to play tug of war or fetch with him,he never gives the ball back though!
Play On The Computer
Well, first of all I like to go on Coolmath,Primary games,
and sometimes agario. I mostly play agario on my phone though,and yes I have an iphone 5.
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