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Illuminating the Tech Transfer Path

No description

Laura Prestia

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Illuminating the Tech Transfer Path

Monthly Milestones
Solution #1
Bring awareness to new CDC TTO site
Prototypes to Communicate
Attend departmental lab meetings
Continue interviews
Analyze interview data
Identify possible solutions
Discuss solutions with end-users
Discuss feasibility of proposed solutions with decision maker
Create prototypes of solutions
Test prototypes with end-users
Timeline for the TTO process
TT Guide
Provide Invention Evaluation
Checklist and Explanation
Face to face/One on One
Project Summary
Many inventions are developed within the walls of HHS from public research dollars. It is the job of Technology Transfer offices to get those inventions beyond the walls of government and into the hands of the private sector to develop them into commercial products that benefit public health and spur economic growth.

However, the process of moving from invention to commercialization is an enigma to scientists, resulting in frustration and under-utilization of the tech transfer process.

This team proposes to identify information and communication gaps and test new solutions, thereby meeting the customers' needs and ultimately supporting the CDC mission of improving public health.

Solution #2
Solution #3
Prototypes to Educate
Invention Disclosure Portal Demo
Prototype to Simplify Invention Disclosure
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