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King Arthur

No description

Leonie Remmerswaal

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of King Arthur

King Arthur
Who knows anything about King Arthur?
The beginning; Excalibur; The Round Table; The quest for the Holy Grail; Arthur's love life; The Battle of Camlann

The beginning
The Round Table
The quest for the Holy Grail
A love triangle
The Battle of Camlann
For real?
Invincible sword
Discussion about new King
Merlin received Excalibur
The Stone
Arthur became King

Last Supper, crucifixion
Is taught to not ask questions
Quest for the Holy Grail
Fisher King
Bleeding lance, candelabra, Grail
Perceval does not ask!
Fisher King is cured
Hoe zag het leven van Koning Arthur eruit?
Wat was 'Excalibur' en hoe kwam deze in bezig van Arthur?
Wie waren de Ridders van de Ronde Tafel en wat was hun taak?
Wat was de Heilige Graal en wie namen deel aan de zoektocht ernaar?
King Uther Pendragon Lady Igraine
Truce and war
Merlin the Prophet: 'Give me the child.'
Impersonation of the duke
Arthur's birth
Foster parents

Elected knights a.k.a. Knights of the Round Table
Same rights
Code of Chivalry

Sir Gawain
Sir Launcelot Du Lac
Sir Perceval
537 A.D.
Mordred steals the Queen
Fated to kill King Arthur
Battle of Camlann
Three witches take Arthur to Avalon
'Here lies Arthur, king once and king to be.'

King Arthur
Uther Pendragon
Sir Gawain
Sir Launcelot
Sir Perceval
Lady Guinevere
Camelerd castle, King Leodegrance
Lady Guinevere
Merlin's prophesy: 'She will love your best friend.'
Launcelot Du Lac
Trouble at Camelot

Late fifth, early sixth centuries
‘dux bellorum’
Military leader rather than king
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