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Moral and spiritual responsibility of nurses

No description

camille corsanes

on 12 October 2013

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Transcript of Moral and spiritual responsibility of nurses

Camille Josephine Stephanie C. Corsanes, RN
Moral and Spiritual
provides protection to health care providers by ensuring iunity from civil liability when assistance is provided at the scene of an eergency and the caregiver does not intentionally or deliberately inflict injury.

this is based on the biblical story:
Thank You!
Responsibilities of Nurses
The Golden Rule.
"do unto others what you would like others do unto you."
The Two-Fold Effect.
When the nurse is faced with a situation which may have both
bad effects
how should she choose which one to follow?
the basis of action may be the ff:
that the action must be morally good ;
that the good effect must be willed and the bad effect merely allowed ;
that the good effect nust not ome from an evil action but the initial action itself directly;
that the good effect must be greater than the bad effect.
The Principle of Totality.
"The whole is greater than any of its parts."
Principle of Epikia.
"Exception to the General Rule."
One who acts through
an agent is himself responsible.
No on is obliged to betray himself/ herself.
The End does
not justify the means.
Defects of nature may
be corrected.
If one is willing to cooperate in the act, no injustice is done to him/her.
A little more or less does not change the substance
of an act.
The greatest good for the greatest number.
No one is held to the impossible.
The Morality
of Cooperation.
Principles relating to the
origin and destruction
of life.
God created Life ...
You we're Born!
. . .with His words.
Gift of Life
Worthless to the Society
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