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Task 3 & 4 forModule2

No description

Trevor Hubbard

on 28 May 2017

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Transcript of Task 3 & 4 forModule2

Task 3
Design & Assess Food Production Plans
Your Menu......
Now you have your dishes, you will need to put them onto your recipe cards......
Production Plan....
Team members and their roles.....
You must be descriptive.......

you want somebody to pick up your assessment and be able to understand a whole new subject.....
Everything we are doing.......
Look back at the check list handout..
Order Sheet
Task 3 & 4
Recipe Card & method to execute the dish
Menu costing & portions to serve per person
Nutrition of the Dish
Order Sheet
Production plan (mise en place)
Team members & their roles
Factors affecting portion control
HACCP (recording system and documentation)
For Each course.....
1 x Entree
1 x Main Course
1 x Dessert
Why do we use standardized recipe Cards?
In groups, let us see why it is important to use a recipe card.

Also, what information are we trying to document when we write standard recipe cards?
Ingredients; Listed in the order used and the correct amounts. In G/KG or ML/Litre or each
Number of servings or the amount the recipe makes.
Size and type of pan, other equipment needed, oven temp preheating instructions.
How and when to combine ingredients
Some recipes include conventional method or microwave method
Not on all recipes contain this information but may include information on facts like: fats, carbs, sodium, protein, vitamins, fiber minerals

What is the difference between I cup of popcorn and 1 cup of water?
How much does 1 cup of flour weigh?
How much does 1 cup of popcorn weigh?
how much does 1 cup of butter weigh?
How much does 1 cup of chocolate weigh?
Amount required(kg, box,ech,Litr,can etc...)
Name of the person ordering
Order date
Date required ( must be on day before your regional)

Logical: Having a clear and logical
plan will ensure all dishes
are ready for service
Time efficiency: By combining timing, it is
possible to achieve more
than one goal at a time and
complete tasks efficiently.

Food Safety and Hygiene are important things in a food
production company to ensure proper cleanliness, proper
serving and cooking of foods, and to prevent bacteria or
food-borne illness

Taking food temperature (when your delivery come in, and fridge temperatures) and support your work with documentation.

Cleaning programme for your production day
and support your work with documentation

or Foodle app.....
Good Morning!
lets get going................
Re-cap Task 1 and 2
Your Menu
Why did you choose this menu????
What influenced your menu choice????
Designed for the client
Time management
Difficulty, for the purpose...
Establishment considerations
Other members of your team/NZMA
Ingredients used/ability
Taste and flavour
Has a meaning to you or your team.
Excited you??? why??
Your Mission
you think you will achieve it???? Why?
Factors when selecting Ingredients
In groups of 4 let us see what factors are important when selecting ingredients for our menu!
Assessment of supplier selection
What is supplier selection??

Supplier selection is the process by which the buyer identifies, evaluates, and contracts with suppliers

Which companies do we use here???

Tell me about them
Why do we use them??
What makes them the best choice?
Selecting Ingredients
Are they within the concept
Time to prepare
What ingredients are you using???

With your main ingredients explain why you
are using them and what makes them fantastic ( tradition,flavor, color, texture) What could be a substitute
For Example....
Olive oil: Extra virgin olive oil, used generously in much of the cooking, are noted for their exquisite quality and fine flavor, ranging from smooth and subtle to fruity and robust.
Instead of olive oil we could use grape seed oil because it is cheaper.
Work Flow.......
Wash Hands. Sanitize working places and hands.

Kitchen utensils need to be cleaned.

Mise- en- place.
Check the ingredients
Prepare the food different types and use the correct equipment.

Keep the kitchen far away from contamination, keep kitchen and staff clean
Control the service time and make sure hot plates for hot food, cold plates for cold food

Quality controlling, keep the correct temperature, re-taste food

Take the time during orders, ensure staff are ready.

Clean and tidy up working surface, storage and rubbish out

After serving consumer, left over food, broken down or disposed of.

Team members and their role....
This is your kitchen brigade.....

Head Chef
Sous Chef
Chef de Partie
Explain their roles, why you chose for them to do this, might be because of their skill level etc
Your last module.................
Food Safety Act
You need a HACCP plan for your production & your dishes!
Factors affecting Portion Control
Think about how many people and the people you are going to serve, remember it is for their biggest meal in a while

A tbsp of this, 60g of that, why did you decide on this?
have you changed it?
Is it balanced?

Wastage, remember we want zero wastage
When you do your order, you write one with ALL the ingredients! Photocopy! then we do an inventory! this is what you will need. Explain why we do this process.
Your Responsibility........Not mine
Menu Design
Dockets from your service
Customer Feedback form
Peer feedback form
Tutor feedback form
After your Regional.......
What was your budget????

Did you achieve it???

What does Evaluate mean?
Equipment choice and reasoning

Production & Menu

At what stages, and what evidence did you use through your practical event, resulting in you maintaining quality assurance policies and QCM's throughout.
Now in groups investigate
At least 5 stages.
Purchasing documents??
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