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Kristy Cameron - The Seven Sacred Teachings

No description

Jennifer Bevan

on 14 March 2012

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Transcript of Kristy Cameron - The Seven Sacred Teachings

Paintings by Kristy Cameron

Kristy Cameron, a teacher and artist, was born and raised in Atikokan, Ontario, the Canoe Capital of Canada. Being raised surrounded by the beauty of the natural world has given her endless subjects to paint. As a Metis artist and a descendant of numerous voyageurs and Bay boys, she incorporates the Metis sash (and in some cases, the Hudson's Bay Company colours) into her paintings to signify herself. Kristy delves into cultural aspects and meanings in her art as she continues to explore who she is.

Initally painting with watercolour, then oils, she has come to appreciate the brightness and quick-drying capabilities of acrylics. All of Kristy's Aboriginal paintings are completed by painting with acrylics paints on canvas.

Kristy's painting style is bold and simplistic, yet contains many meanings with mysterious historical beliefs and legends entwined into them. She uses bright, dramatic colours and movements. Most comments regarding Kristy's paintings reflect these attributes: "Every time I look at these paintings, I see something new!"

When not at her canvas, she enjoying the land around Atikokan with her husband Michael, and their three daughters, Kelly, Emlyn and Keira.

Written by David Bouchard Canadian Métis author and literacy advocate David Bouchard has produced more than fifty books for readers of all ages, including two guides on reading for parents and educators.

An erstwhile teacher and school principal, he is particularly concerned with Aboriginal-related issues and is a sought-after speaker for conference keynotes and school presentations and on topics of reading, literacy and aboriginal well-being.

David Bouchard's books have won numerous awards, including a Special Mention for Non-Fiction in the 2010 Bologna Ragazzi Awards for The Drum Calls Softly, a Gold Medal in the 2008 Moonbeam Award for I am Raven, the 2004 Governor General's Award for The Song Within My Heart, the 1999 Red Cedar Award for The Great Race and the 1997 Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award for Voices from the Wild. An Aboriginal Carol was included in the 2008 White Ravens Catalogue.

In April 2009, Bouchard was named as a Member of the Order of Canada "for his contributions as an author of children’s books and an advocate who has championed the cause of reading and writing, and who has shared his pride as a member of the Métis community through his stories."

David lives in Victoria, British Columbia, with his wife Vicki and their daughter Victoria.

http://www.davidbouchard.com/1About.html About the book

The Seven Sacred Teachings is a message of
traditional values and hope for the future.

The Teachings are universal to most First
Nation peoples. These Teachings are seen in
school communities from coast to coast across
North America. They are a link that ties all Native, Inuit and Métis communities together.

http://www.davidbouchard.com/7sacred.htm The Wolf - Humility
The Wolf does not live for himself but for the pack. The Raven - Honesty

The Raven understands the gifts he possesses. “To want more than you have been given is to suggest that the Creator has not given you enough. You have enough” (Bouchard, 8). The Buffalo - Respect

The buffalo provides sustenance for others. “What you give away will always come back to you in the One Circle” (Bouchard, 10). The Bear - Courage

Courage needs to be awakened. "Observe Makwa fight when her young are threatened. She will not stop until she overcomes any and all threats" (Bouchard, 12). The Beaver - Wisdom

The Beaver's teeth are symbols of wisdom. "Do you know what will become of Amik if he does not use his gift? His teeth will grow until they are no longer of any use to him. Amik uses his gift wisely to thrive and so must you" (Bouchard, 14). The Turtle - Truth

The journey of life is as important as the destination. "Look to Miskwaadesil for one whose existence is strong and stable" (Bouchard, 18). The Eagle - Love

In order to love others, you must love yourself. " Love is the key to life. Love is deep violet and is modeled by Eagle. She exemplifies all my Teachings. She is closer to me than any other" (Bouchard, 22).
"My teachings are not new. The way I would
have you live is essential so all may prosper and
be happy. All you have to do is open your heart and listen. Understand my Teachings. Live by them" (Bouchard, 26). Please visit this link to see a PDF version of the book and of Kristy Cameron's paintings.

http://www.davidbouchard.com/mtw/sst.pdf David Bouchard Kristy Cameron Interview with David Bouchard about the book

Information about the Publishing House

More than Words Publishers (Vancouver, B.C.)
They publish works by David Bouchard only
This allows for greater creative control
There is no mandate towards First Nations material but it is the focus
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