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Ellie and Yaneli

No description

lib hist

on 6 September 2018

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Transcript of Ellie and Yaneli

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Ellie and Yaneli
Michael R. Blanchfield- Sacrifice
Blanchfeild was a great man who did truly sacrifice his life for the lives of others. By throwing his body on an enemy's grenade and taking in the full impact, he saved 4 of his comrads and many Viatnamese civilians. this calls for extreme sacrifice because he gave his life for our country. This shows that Blanchfeild did in deed act beyond the call of duty and absolutely deserved the medal of honor.
Suddenly, a gush of wind comes by and knocks Paul off of his feet. Paul tries to stand up but is blinded by a ray of light that bursts out of the tomb. Once the light stops beaming from the tomb, Paul rushes to his feet and realizes that Blanchfield is no longer standing next to him. Paul stressfully glares the entire cemetery but can not find Michael. Then, Paul looks down at Michael's tomb and realizes that there is now a military hat placed neatly on top of the tomb. Paul cautiously picks up the hat and reads the lettering sewed into the hat, which says "Michael R. Blanchfield". Paul Bucha smiles and walks away joyfully. The camera zooms out further and further away from the tomb as the dramatic ending music grows louder and louder until the screen turns black.
The rise of the fallen soldier-Setting
Paul Bucha-Citizenship
Pd 1
Paul Bucha represents citizenship flawlessly because he respects his soldiers like they’re his family and is proud to be an American. When Bucha was on his mission he destroyed 2 of the machines that were killing his soldiers. He also convinced the enemy to think that they’re army was bigger so that his men wouldn’t be overthrown. But what I love most about Bucha is that he is extremely humble and even though he accomplished so much, he still doesn’t believe that he deserves the medal of honor. To this day Bucha says that he wears this medal for his men and his country, which is why I think Paul is a great example of citizenship.
• Blanchfield died in action but Bucha is still living
• Blanchfield blocked a grenade, saving many citizens while Bucha threw a grenade at the automatic machines
• Blanchfield was born in 1950 and Bucha was born in 1943
• Blanchfield’s rank is 4th class and Bucha’s is captain
• Blanchfield was enlisted into the army in Chicago, Illinois and Bucha was enlisted in West point

• Both fought against Vietnam
• Both joined the army
• Both joined the army in the late 1960’s
• Both were part of U.S army
• Both were born in the U.S.A

The scene opens looking up at the sky, and then the camera turns until it looks over the Arlington National cemetery. The camera then zooms in, and focuses on Paul Bucha, who is compassionately studying a beautifully made, white marble tomb. Bucha reads the lettering on the tomb which says, ‘’In memory of the unknown, fallen soldier.’’ Paul thinks to himself how courageous and honorable this man must have been. Bucha admires the tomb for a few more minutes and then begins to leave. As he gets to his feet, Paul is startled by a sudden, powerful gust of wind. He then looks at the tomb once more and sees a shadow of a young man appear from the tomb. Paul soon realizes that he, himself is looking at the face of the unknown fallen soldier.
Paul: What is your name, unknown soldier?
Michal: My name is Michael R Blanchfield, in 1969, I gave my life to fight against Vietnam.
Paul: I also fought against Vietnam in 1969.
Michael: You must have been one of the lucky ones.
Paul: I wouldn’t call it luck, but it sure wasn’t easy.

(Paul has a flashback; the cemetery blurs out of focus and cuts to the Vietnam battlefield)
Paul is in his base ordering his men to fire at the enemy. One of his soldiers comes up to him and tells him that Vietnam has two machines that are firing at his men. Paul sprints into the forest where the machines are located. He drives his men out of the area and fights the machines by himself. Paul throws an endless amount of bombs at Vietnam until the machines finally explode. Paul runs back to his base and orders every single one of his men to grab a handgun and shoot at the enemy so that Vietnam would think they had a bigger army. They did this until America won the war. Paul had a smile on his face, knowing that he defeated Vietnam, with his single company of only 80 men.

(The battle field slowly fades out and the camera focuses on Michael once again)

Micheal: Thank you for your tremendous help in putting an end to this gruesome war
Paul : I told you my story. Now you have to tell me yours, what ever did happen to you?
(Michael Blanchfield tells the story as the screen fades into a dark battlefield with hundreds of huts)

Michael: Well, i remember it like it was yesterday. I was on patrol, standing by a hut. While the huts were being patrolled by other members looking for suspects, a man came running out of one of the huts. So I yelled to him a warning,but he wouldn't stop, so i began to fire. Then he threw a grenade near one of the huts and the people around it. Even though I was very injured, I went after the enemy. The enemy then threw a second grenade at my comrades and I. Realizing how dangerous this was, I shouted a warning to my comrades, and with out thought, threw myself on top of the grenade, taking in the full and harsh impact of the grenades explosion.
Michael: Although this sacrifice cost my life, I don't regret it

Paul: Why not?

Michael:Because i sacrificed mylife for the life of others and i know i have served above and beyond the call of duty to protects others and to protect a part of this country.
(The camera turns back to the cemetery and zooms in on Michael)
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