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Canada's wonderland

By:Annie and Andrew

Annie Okeefe

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Canada's wonderland

On May 3, the gates will open. Many will come but few will have the courage to face the monsters that dwell within. Long forgotten dinosaurs and serpents from the deep prowl amongst dragons and monstrous bats . For those lucky enough to escape their clutches, fresh terrors await in the screaming towers and white knuckle rapids. This is the place where every kid wants to spend their summer, this is where their strength be tested and warriors born. This is
Canada's wonderland was built in the year 1981 by the Primer of Ontario Will Davis. The whole park was said to be 379 acres long and as of today has used up 300 acres. When the park first built they had 26 rides that included Ghoster Coaster the Sliver Strike , The Great Canadian Mine buster and The Bat . When starting it's first year of business there was many complaints of how loud it was when people where driving on the highway.
In 1993 Canada's wonderland started getting the attention of bigger theme park corporations like Paramount Parks, from there Canada's wonderland was bought by Paramount and was placed in there Paramount Parks division. In that same year they changed it's name to Paramount Canada's wonderland.
History of Canada's wonderland
In the Year 1992, the owners of Canada's wonderland deiced that it was time to add new additions to the theme park. They all agreed on making a water park called splash works , that they thought would attract more people to the park. They made rides like Barracuda Blaster , Body Blast, Lazy River Riptide racer The plunge and Whirl Winds.

In the year of 2006 another theme park was interested in buying Canada's Wonderland . The company's name was Cedar Fair Entertainment co. At the time Cedar was another rising company and wanted to buy out all of Paramount 's parks. The deal was made on June 30, and Cedar Fair was busy making changes to it's name and to the park. The first big change they made was changing it's name back to Canada's wonderland.
Rides and Roller Coasters
The Leviathan was built on August 18 2011 with a record breaking height of 306 feet tall and a speed of 148 km per hour. The Leviathan was made and manufactured by Bolliger and Mabillard,who also made and designed the Behemoth. The Leviathan is a giant monstrous sea creature that was used in the book Job . They say "A terrifying sea creature is introduced in the world and is called Leviathan".

The Behemoth was built in the year 2008 and took 18 months to built. At the time it was named tallest roller coaster of the year, until the Leviathon was built. It was said to be 1,616 in length ,and was over 5,300 feet tall and can reach a speed of 125 km per hour! The phrase Behemoth means "Monster of the World"
When the Behemoth was first open
The Windseeker was built in the year 2010 and cost
over 5,000,000 to build,and replaced the jet screen (a former roller coaster). It was built by Mondial.
The Windseeker has a height of 301 feet
tall(92 meters) and goes at a speed of 48 km per hour.
It swings 30 stories over the whole park and is 70 feet
taller then the Behemoth.During it's opening year it was only open for a short period of time due to problems it was forced to close, but reopened on June 10 th. The name Windseeker means" the giant "
The Psyclone was built on May 5, 2002, it was by
Mondial(who also built the Windseeker). It is 75 feet tall(23 meters) and features 40 seats. The Psyclone swings like a pedulum and reaches 100
degrees, and replaced "Racing Rivers". The ride is made of 7 items which all work together to make
the amazing ride experience.

Thank you for watching our project on Canada's wonderland
I hope you come :)
By:Andrew and Annie

Fun Facts
1. Did you know that when Seder Fair bought Canada's
Wonderland off of Paramount Parks. They had to
change some of the rides because they were named
after there movies?
2. Did you Know it would take 154,567,128 bottles of water to fill splash works!
3. Did you know that Canada's wonderlands construction
cost 25 million dollars!!!
Canada's wonderland is the place for everyone to have fun. It was built for Kids, Parents, and anyone who enjoys just spending a day riding there favorite roller coasters. Every year they find new and exciting ways to make the experience even better.
This is a video of the Leviathan in action!!!
4. Did you know that 200,000 funnel cakes are
eaten every year, at Canada's Wonderland.
5. Did you know there are over 4,000 employees at Canada's Wonderland.

Great Canadian Minebuster
The Great Canadian Minebuster was built in the year 1981, by Taft Broadcasting.It was one of the origanal rollar costers that they thought would be a huge sucess. The ride cost 1.2 millon dollars to build, and was made entirly out of wood. It goes 55 miles per hour and is 90 feet high. This ride is a true classic!
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