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Forty Studies That Changed Psychology: In Control and Glad of It!

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Haley Goins

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Forty Studies That Changed Psychology: In Control and Glad of It!

In Control and
Glad of It! Langer & Rodin Hypothesis Experiment Methodology Measuring the Outcomes Results Procedure Implications If the loss of personal responsibility for one's life causes a person to be less happy and less healthy, then increasing control and power should have the opposite effect. Langer and Rodin planned to enhance personal power for a group of nursing home residents in order to improve mental alertness, activity level, satisfaction with life, and other measures of behavior and attitude. They obtained cooperation of a nursing home in Connecticut. Two floors were randomly selected for the two treatment conditions. Fourth-floor residents (8 men and 39 women) received the "increased-responsibility", and the Second floor (9 men and 35 women) were designated as the comparison group. The administrator called a meeting of the residents of the two floors. The fourth-floor (increased-responsibility group) was told they could rearrange their room, choose which movie to go to, and got pick a plant and take care of it as they wanted. The second floor (comparison group) had their room set up, had a certain time and day designated for the movie, and were given a plant which they didn't have to tend to. Two questionnaires
One given to the residents
The other to the nurses
Attendance record of the movie
Guessing game contest with jelly beans in a jar Increased-responsibility group
felt happier and more active
conditions improved
more attended the movie
10 participants in the guessing game
Comparison group
less happy, less active
conditions declined
less attended movie
1 participant in the guessing game The more in control you are, the less stress you will have and the happier you will be. Langer and Rodin's hypothesis proved to be true. unethical to change to well-being of the patients
harmful to take away new levels of power and responsibility

the comparison group had some of their usual powers taken away which could explain unhappiness
there was a larger sample of women than men Criticism Kyle Pait
Haley Goins
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