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Your RCPP Proposal

No description

Sherre Copeland

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of Your RCPP Proposal

Pre-proposal - July 14
Through Agreement with NRCS
Increase the number of entities investing and participating in conservation activities

Multiple integrated conservation approaches to deliver solutions
Your RCPP Proposal:
Keys to Success

Thank you!
Conservation on the Ground
Full Proposal - Sep 28
Resource Assessment
Conservation Practice Survey, Design, Follow Up
Conservation Planning and Implementation
NOT: Indirect or Overhead

TA can be used to support NRCS personnel, or partner personnel, or combination of both

Directly to landowners in individual contracts
To landowners through partner agreements
Directly to partners through alternative financial agreements
Partner determines:
Project location, boundaries, and scope
Project cost, including contributions from all partners and NRCS
National determines:
Partners who will submit full proposals
Partners who will enter into agreements
State provides letters of support

Measurable and enduring economic, ecological, and social benefits
Double investment in conservation through technical assistance (in kind), cash, and financial assistance
Three Opportunities
Unique Goals and Resource Concerns
National 40%
Water Quality
Water Quantity
Soil Health
At Risk Species Habitat
Air Quality
Water quantity and quality

Critical Conservation Areas 35%
Columbia River Basin
State 25%
Air Quality
Degraded Plant Condition
Inadequate Habitat for Fish and Wildlife
Soil Degradation
Water Quality Degradation
Promote water quality and quantity management to benefit recovery of salmon populations:
Insufficient Water - Inefficient use of irrigation water
Water Quality Degradation - Excessive sediments in surface water; excessive nutrients and pathogens in surface and groundwaters
Inadequate habitat for fish and wildlife
$ 20 million maximum
Up to 5 year term with one additional year

Through Contracts and Easements with Landowners Using NRCS Programs
The overall purposes of the RCPP are to encourage partners to cooperate to further conservation of natural resources on watershed, regional, and national scales, and to double the investment in conservation through partnership contributions.
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