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Set Designers

No description

Alexis Terrell

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Set Designers

1. Concept Meeting
2. Read the Script
3. Thumbnails/ Rough Drafts
4. 3D Model
5. Colored Scale Model
6. Drafting Package
7. Technical Director
8. Paint Crew
9. Props Master
10. Tech Crew
11. Put it together
12. Opening Night
Set Designers Job
As a set designer, the person is entitled to create a set for movies, TV, and/or theatre productions. The set designer would have to abide by the director's directions and other factors concerning movement on the stage in order to design the set(s) for a specific scene or act, making changes if they are entailed to do so.

Set Design Colleges/ University
Purchase College, State University of New York- Masters and Bachelor
Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Minnesota- Undergraduate and minor
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-undergraduates, masters, bachelor
Yale School of Drama, New Haven, Conneticuit-masters and doctorate
Northwestern University- Masters and undergradutates
Famous Set Designers

Kenneth A. Larson
his first job was being a Visual Effects Model Maker and hisr work from then on in live action sets and special effects until 1996.
Then, he got his first big time job as set designer on Batman and Robin making CGI scenery and other forms of sets
He is notorious for his CGI scenery using computer skills to create his drafting packages and other Visual Effects on renowned movies such as: The Polar Express,American Horror Story, theme parks and other forms of architecture and display.

Famous Set Designers
Famous Set Designers
Sir Kenneth
Hugh Adam
Set Design
Set Designers Job
The set designer is in charge of managing the materials need to create the set and assigning a set staff to complete the final product preparing the illustrations in detail with, if they have used a computer software, graphics for a clear concept. They must also manage the building of the set working with his or her colleagues to ensure everything goes through smoothly.

Set Designers Salary
The median for the set designer's salary is stated to be $46,588 effected by
size of production
College/University Degree
Sir Kenneth Hugo Adam
most notorious for his work in the James Bond movies between the 1960s to the 1970s.
served in the Royal Air Force during World War II and was knighted
His nearly futuristic settings that he created for the James Bond movies set his career off as his earlier set designing jobs were for smaller.
Designed the Addams Family Values movie
Designed the famous car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Famous Set Designers
Oliver Smith
designed mostly
Broadway sets
West Side Story
My Fair Lady
Teaches others set design
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