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St 7.4 The Holocaust

Allied response to war crimes

Adam Powley

on 21 February 2018

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Transcript of St 7.4 The Holocaust

Operation 7 - Allied Responses to the Nazis War Crimes: The Holocaust
"He who fights the Jews battles the Devil."
anti-semetic propoganda
Social Darwinism
Based on existing Ethnic Prejudice and Nationalism
1936 Nazis "admissibility of marriage between Aryans and non-Aryans" chart. The white circles represent "pure Germans", the circles with black indicate the proportion of Jewish blood.
"The Eternal Jew"
"The Jew: The inciter of war, the prolonger of war."
German Actions against the Jewish People up to and during WWII
Remember this?
In 1935, Hitler's Nazis party instituted the "Nuremberg Laws"
Removed citizenship from the Jews
Forbid intermarraige
People wanting to marry were forced to submit to physicals to determine suitability
would eventually outlaw all Jewish rights and lead to the Holocaust
The real issue is the state directed persecution
Other anti-semetic attacks occurred
"Kristallnacht" or (The Night of Broken Glass) was a state sponsored attack on Jewish people
The World's Response...
The US and Allies had a limited response before the war
In the US, FDR extended some Visas and publicly criticized the Nazis
Nativist and anti-immigration sentiment kept any more Jewish people from coming to live in the US
The world response was largely the same
During the war there was little or no military action to stop the shipment of people to the Concentration camps.
FDR would later say that they did not want to kill the people in the RR cars and that the Allies were attempting to liberate the camps by liberating France and Germany
The Tragedy of the St. Louis
Roughly 900 German Jews fled Germany for Cuba. From their they would await their immigration. They were denied entry to both Cuba and US because of immigration quotas. They were returned to Europe and nearly all were eventually taken to death camps.
Hitler decided that since the rest of the world did not want the Jewish people he could do what he pleased and the world would not care
"The Final Solution"
As Allied and Soviet Soldiers liberated the camps they saw the true horrors of the Holocaust
The Final Solution
The Allied Response to the Holocaust after WWII ends
The allies identify the Nazis as war criminals
they are put on trial in the "Nuremberg Trials"
24 officers and civilians were charged with "Crimes against Humanity"
The defendants argued that these were legal actions and that they were "just following orders"
The Crimes against Humanity was created to overcome the first defense. All societies have laws against murder. Therefore it is a "universal" law that was violated.
The second was more touchy but was not accepted as a defense. The court determined that they each had a choice and were responsible for their actions
12 would be found guilty and executed
The trials set precedent for future international war crimes trials
did not end genocide
Israel created
The territory of Israel was a British colony called Palestine during WWII.
In response to the Holocaust it was decided to give the Jewish people a Jewish homeland
Israel was partitioned out of the British colony
the US quickly became a staunch ally of Israel in the face of Arab aggression.
This will be the basis for many of the middle eastern issues of the Cold War and modern period
Jerusalem is a holy city for the Jewish, Christian and Muslim peoples
To see footage of the Liberation of Dachau please follow this link.

If you are squeamish or might take offense, please bypass the video
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