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No description

Katie Brogran

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of ONE DIRECTION

By:Katelynn Brogan

The Boys

Good things about the book
Two things I didn't like about the book
There wasn't a lot of dates on the information given.

The book wasn't organized at all there was just random information everywhere which made it
over-wealming and confusing.

Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
September 13, 1993

Mullingar, County Westmeath
Republic of Ireland

Bobby Horan, father
Maura Gallagher, mother
Chris, stepfather
Greg Horan, brother
Denise Horan, sister-in-law
Theo Horan, nephew
He loves cupcakes and thinks muffins are just ugly cupcakes.
He wishes he was a giraffe.
He wanted to be in a
band called
January 12, 1993

West Lane, Baildon, Bradford
England, United Kingdom

Yaser Malik, father
Patricia Malik, mother
Doniya Malik, sister
Waliyha Malik, sister
Safaa Malik, sister
Perrie Edwards (fiancée)
Zain (Zayn) Javadd Malik

Zayn means "beautiful" in Arabic.
Zayn's afraid of open water.
Zayn never had a passport or been on a plane before One Direction.
August 29, 1993

Wolverhampton, West Midlands
England, United Kingdom

Geoff Payne, father
Karen Payne, mother
Nicola Payne, sister
Ruth Payne, sister
His favorite film is the Toy Story trilogy.
He doesn't like spoons, and has stated he wants to make an 'anti-spoon app'.
First auditioned in 2008 and made it through to the judges houses.
February 1, 1994

Evesham, Worcestershire
England, United Kingdom

Des Styles, father
Anne Cox, mother
Robin Twist, stepfather
Gemma Styles, sister
Random facts

On his wedding day, he wants Louis to be his best man.
When Simon Cowell put the boys into a group, Harry came with the names "Status Single" and One Direction.
According to Heat magazine, he used to work in a pastry shop/bakery in his early teens. His ex-boss says, "He was the most polite employee we ever had. Customers really took a shine to him."
December 24, 1991

Doncaster, South Yorkshire
England, United Kingdom

Troy Austin, father
Jay Tomlinson, mother
Mark Tomlinson, stepfather
Georgia Austin, half-sister
Charlotte Tomlinson, half-sister
Félicité Tomlinson, half-sister
Daisy Tomlinson, half-sister
Phoebe Tomlinson, half-sister
Louis William Tomlinson
Random Facts
He played soccer for charity.
His first word was cat.
He used to go to the hospital all the time with his mom to help her look after the babies.
My Book Used

Authors: Zayn, Louis, Niall, Harry and Liam
Genre: auto-biagraphy

Where We Are Our Band, Our Story
Authors: Harry, Liam Niall, Zayn,Louis
Genre: auto-biography
Take Me Home
Authors: Mary Boone
Genre: biagraphy

Five Characters that influenced the band
Simon Cowell signed the band to his record label.
Ed Sheeran wrote Moments, Little Things, Over Again, Summer Love.
Rami Yacoub helped write and produce What Makes You Beautiful, One Thing, I Wish, Live While Were Young, Kiss You, Last first Kiss, Heart Attack, Change My mind, and Back for you.
She was a guest judge on The X Factor
She cast the deciding vote that saved Niall Horan's career.
Katy Perry
Nicole Scherzinger
Put the band together
I would give this book a five because it had good information and pictures to show you what they were talking about it just wasn't dated or organized well.
One Direction Now have three albums the newest being Midnight Memories and go on tour with that album in August
(author background)
I like in the end of the book it shows
what they think of each other.
Examples who's the loudest,
funnies, cheekiest, calmest and
the dad figure of the group.
I also liked how they put the fan art on the inside cover, I thought it was cool to see how some people can draw.
Dare to Dream Life As One Direction
im going 8\16\14!!!
The theme of this story is to not be afraid to be yourself.
The purpose of putting him in the book is to show who's behind the band. I think the authors very thankful because they talked about him highly.

Any questions?
The purpose of putting ed in the story was to give him credit for his work. I think the authors like him because it also says how amazing he is.
The purpose of putting Rami in the book was to give him credit for his work. I think the author didn't think he was important because he was only mentioned a few times even though he played such a big part on helping the boys with their albums.
The author (Niall) put Katy in the book to thank her because if it wasn't for her he wouldn't be where he is today. I author really likes Katy because he speaks very highly of her.
The authors put her in the story to thank her and give her credit for putting them together. The authors speak of her highly but not often at all.
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