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No description

julia knoth

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of DreamWear

" The Ultimate In Self Definition"
Executive Team

• CEO Jeremy Grossman

• CFO John Brosnan

• COO Stefan Halstead

• CMO Katrina Wu

• CAD Julia Knoth
Background Information
• DreamWear
General Info
• Industry - Customized Retail/E-commerce
• Products - Wide variety including T-shirts, sweatshirts (both pullover and zip up) sweatpants, hats, and shoes. Includes all different base colors, no limits on options.
• Variety of design
• Mission - Offer creative, original products and designs while offering a wide variety of affordable options.
• “The Ultimate in Self Definition”
Strategic Plan
• Want every local area to have their own store
• Trying to allocate our resources for best long- term performance
• Become the standard for customized clothing
Operational Plan
Social media
Online advertising
Established and well qualified artistic talents
more affordable than competitors
offer retail and online stores
Within retail stores, there will be different products for different tastes
stores in different regions will have unique needs and operate to serve the needs of the customers of the region
each project handled locals by store managers as well as an operational manager to oversea activity and time management
Corporate- accounting, financial, operational, artistic management
Functional structure
Differentiation from our competitors through superior creative staffing and workplace environment
Affordable and representative of our culture
business model creates distinctly high quality products
Dynamic workforce
no standardized product
artist leave for continuing studies and other projects
Seasonal expansion
Accessory industry expansion
examine possibility of producing for another company
art opening held at stores
additions to existing clothing apparel
imitable business idea
other customization companies
loss of customer's image of brand

Porter's Five Forces
Retail stores
Boutique designers
New Entry
no barriers to entry into retail business competition
No bargaining power
High Bargaining Power
Need to satisfy customers needs enough to create brand loyalty
discount designer stores
Our strategy is focused differentiation with the added benefit of cost leadership
Our website will help us attain this goal
Bring designs to the world as opposed to certain areas
Rating system will help us figure out how to capitalize on our system
Design your own clothing

Business Strategy
Financial Plan-
Continue to reinvest residual profits into company expansion and personnel
Facility Plan-
Open up new stores in different communities
Step by step program for shopping
Design and color coordinated
Past as well as current designs for decoration
Marketing Plan-
social media
online and editorial advertising
branded specifically to specific areas
offer promotions on bulk
clothing for eevryday people
Website closely monitoring sales by region and popularity
Production Plan-
made instore
laser and silk screen printing
all matierals provided

Functional Strategy

Star- Sweatshirts and Sweatpants
Growth Strategy through innovation and change

Cash cow- T-shirt
Continue to invest moderately

Question Mark- Shoes
Figure out how to go further

Dog- Technological Accessories
Retrenchment strategy

Portfolio Strategy

Creative and original
Have to have some people skills
Local street artists or at least into the concept

HR-Criteria for Hiring
Scout local artists- streets, art scene, social media
No formal interview- creativity, integrity and productivity are the most important traits
which designs have the highest customer demand
rating system
Feedback from customers
Standard employees and artists-hourly salary plus compensation based on design sales and benefits
local managers-look at efficiency of store and costumer feedback, have annual salary
Corporate- Annual Salary and Equity stakes in the company
emphasis on efficiency between tasks, customers and employees

Company and Empolyee Atmosphere
-Young urban face paced lifestyle
- dynamic displays of artwork via online popularity

Affordable with the quality and originality of haute couture designs
dynamic open atmosphere that is necessary for creative expansion
providing diverse artists a space to collaborate and put ideas into motion
A creative community of support for struggling artists if needed:
health benefits - insurance eye care
finding housing and emotional stability help
- supporting local art community as well as surrounding environment of the city
national youngarts foundation - investing in the artistic development of young artists and contributing to the nations cultural vitality
Cityarts- collaboration of young artists and volunteers to promote community identity
Urban art beat- positive pulse of youth education
Social Media
important for our resonance in the community and within youth culture
Instagram daily of most popular styles
Facebook- interactive community of artists and outreach to emerging talent
Twitter- up to date on products and promotions and charity work
website- interactive retail of original pieces from a dynamic community of artist with feedback and ratings
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