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The X-Men Quest 4°

lien vidéo : https://www.youtube.c1om/watch?v=GJ_ofHdqOe4&index=9&list=ELFXpnFcUZNSI

M. Daoud

on 14 January 2017

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Transcript of The X-Men Quest 4°

When was the X-Men series (vol. 1) created? Who were the creators?

Who were the five original X-Men members?

Who are Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch? How are they related to Magneto?
Express Yourself !

What kind of mutant power would you like to have? Why?

Imagine you're a mutant giving a speech
to a human audience
. Tell them what you want
(4 sentences)
example : "
I want humans and mutants to leave in peace.
One of the
most important
X-Men characters is Wolverine, especially in the movies.

Who plays Wolverine in the X-Men movies

How many X-Men movies were made?
But before the movies, before the cartoons, The X-Men was originally a comic book series published by Marvel.

Go to
and answer questions 7), 8) and 9)

What does Avalanche want the other students to do?


What shoud the students do?


What souldn't they do?
In the Marvel fictional universe, the X-Men are a group of mutants.


What is a mutant?
There are also several
X-Men animated shows. One of them is called
X-Men Evolution
Suis chaque étape et réponds aux 11 questions sous la forme d'un document Word ou Open Office en indiquant ton NOM, ton Prénom et ta classe. Soigne la présentation.

Le devoir est à envoyer avant le lundi de la rentrée à l'adresse suivante :

Watch the video
In this extract, Avalanche, a new X-Men student, is waken up by his classmates in the middle of the night ...
* : to give a speech =
faire un discours
** : the audience =
le public
If the video doesn't work, search for
X-Men Evolution: Season 2, Episode 9
on Youtube and watch from 12:50 min to 14:16 min.
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