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Apps Pt 2.

Part 2.Downloading apps Safari Browsing using the iPad, adding bookmarks and shortcuts, syncing in iTunes, tips & tricks; copying and pasting

judy barnett

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Apps Pt 2.

"Apps" Pt. 2
There's more training!
Now you are set, you know all there is to get you started using the iPad!
Safari is the web browser on the
The Examiner (see handout)
Find The Examiner using both methods
Open an article and use the
Add a bookmark for The Examiner
Add a shortcut (icon) on your Home Screen
Quickoffice Pro HD for iPads
Syncing - music, photos, documents
Goodbye, please return
Living Ear
th- my fav app
On the iPad, the App Store
gives you access to over 950,000 apps
Task Cont..
In categories, find an app that is
to install
Click on The
button. Note that is changes to
Click on
Install app, using the password

Check out all menu items once the app is installed
Use gestures : tap, pinch, swipe to find out what the app does
Is the app a productivity app, game, education, other?
There are the two ways to find The Examiner:

Browsing with Safari on the Internet
Tap installed app icon (Hint: always look for an app to install when in a website)

Use copy and paste to make a
Tap any article in The Examiner
Tap the
Task cont..
Open the
Open a new
(tap the
Tap and hold on the screen where the text is to be pasted
A circle appears
Lift your finger
Tap the Paste icon
Task cont...
Tap any word in the article and hold
A circle appears
Lift your finger
The text will be highlighted in blue
Two circles appear, top left corner and bottom right corner

Gently touch one circle and drag until a sentence or paragraph is highlighted
Tap the
The App Store can be browsed by Featured apps,

What's Hot,


Top Charts,

Apps Pt. 2
Downloading apps.
Safari Browsing using the i-Pad
Bookmarks and shortcuts (icons)
A look at a productivity app and media app
Syncing and managing your iPad in iTunes
Task: Downloading an app
Search in Categories and choose a topic to browse for apps
Browsing with Safari-
Accessing the Internet
NBN Extra Apps Credits now apply
Well done!
You are an expert iPad user
Wait, there's more!
It's Facetime!
Notes app
Finally, add an emoticon
the actions you can also take such as email, print and delete the

Learning Outcomes
At the end of Apps Pt. 1 & 2 you should be able to:
Manage and personalize your ipad;
Download apps;
Browse the internet;
Manage ipad in iTunes.

iTunes and iPad can automatically sync up every time you plug in an iPad to your computer.
Managing your iPad - Syncing with iTunes
For instructions on downloading and syncing see your handout
You can download and listen to your music on both devices.
iTunes must be installed on your computer first.
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