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SDK Training and Documentation

No description

Trip Ottinger

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of SDK Training and Documentation

What we do. What we need to do. SDK Training and Documentation We provide training We provide developer guides We provide technical references We help provide answers on BBDN SDK Level Courses
SDK Boot Camp - Next: Jan 7
Business Process
Reporting and Data Warehouse
Infinity Workflow
Advanced Configuration Level Courses
Blackbaud CRM Page Designer - Next: Dec 14
Data Outputs - Next: Dec 21 Subject Area Entity Relationship Diagrams
Infinity OLTP Database Reference
Data Warehouse Reference
OLAP Reference BBDN helps support the 3rd party developer community
professional services
We don't own BBDN... we blog and answer questions when we can. Getting Started
Setting up my development environment
Learn how to build new features
What's New?
Best practices
Step by step code samples
Integration and API samples
Videos http://www.bbdevnetwork.com/qa/40319/possible-without-linking-revenue-transactions-deposits-account http://www.bbdevnetwork.com/ http://www.bbdevnetwork.com/blogs/recycle-an-application-pool-using-external-tools-in-visual-studio/ We have a lot of work to do The Blackbaud Products User Education team developed a survey to help prioritize the most relevant technical documentation needs surrounding the Infinity SDK and Web APIs. Lots of very good comments
Code commenting within specs and assemblies needed
Document how certain features work
Steep learning curve without training and docs
More samples and examples needed Comments about the overall development experience for the Infinity SDK and Web APIs.   Include more of the new attributes / elements in the templates.
more examples and extensive descriptions for each attribute and element available in the specs
As the product continues to evolve, new templates are also added that developers are often unaware of, so documentation outlining these would be helpful.
It would be nice to have more information on the less-frequently used templates
There are definitely some glaring gaps in documentation of more advanced development features
There seems to be a lot of information missing - just things that aren't documented. My biggest frustration with Infinity has been in learning how to do something for the first time when a lot of what I'm trying to write is not documented directly. There is a very steep learning curve.
It's a very flexible, powerful platform but makes for a very difficult learning experience.
It is good and very polished. The learning curve is steep for someone without training.
When visual studio intellisense pulls up a function it would be helpful to have the code comments for the method description and parameter descriptions.
Although intellisense is available for all the attributes and elements, perhaps the intellisense might include an example of the attribute/element use (where applicable).
More "How do I" types of scenarios would be helpful as well.
Existing OTB functionality seems somewhat black-box. the interaction with the SDK requires inferring activity that is sometimes hard to predict
The thing I see clients struggle with the most is understanding how the core product works prior to customizing it. Not only from a front-end standpoint, but from a back end as well. Our front end documentation leaves a lot to be desired, so most of the time I end up saying "just test it and see what happens" when people are asking how to do something or why it behaves a certain way. The Enhanced Revenue Batch is a great example. I haven't see much documentation regarding import field mapping, such as mapping multiple designations or revenue streams, and the columns are sometimes not well named. It's very challenging for clients to write a customization when they don't even know how standard functionality works. Fill the gaps
Add more SDK developer guide documentation How to build:
Global Changes
Duplicate Management and Merge Tasks
List Builders
BBNC Parts Post to GL Process
New BatchTypeSpec elements:
ValidationErrors New Transaction Business Logic
CQRS-ES - Within BB evangelize why the Command & Query Responsibility Segregation and the Event Sourcing patterns are used
Coding Infinity Data Forms using AppEngines Transaction Service
Issuing Commands - Ex: Receive Donation
Tags are placed on Commands
Ex: Campaign, Fund, Appeal
Events - Ex: Donation Received
How to Create Data Projections Based on Events Keep Up AppEngines Transaction Service/BITS Team With each release Generate BBEC References
Subject Area ERDs
DW Some Examples of Dev Guide Materials Extensibility Model
ETL Process
Configuring Data Marts
Exercises and Samples Data Warehouse Building Custom Parts
Relationship with Infinity SDK
Examples and Samples Blackbaud Internet Solutions Business Processes Managing Parameter Sets
Processing Logic
Displaying Results
Exercises and Samples Improve our technical references Today: Ben Lambert has helped to produce feature metadata pages within BBEC
Future: Put feature metadata pages on-line
Engineers add technical notes and remarks on priorized features
Engineers create API code samples that automate features
Features may be "called" via our Web API
See Survey Remarks!
Improve API development
Improved understanding of feature
Ease customization of features Better SDK XML Spec/XSD documentation
Add XML Documentation tags such as to Prioritized classes, procedures, and properties on server side assemblies and UI assemblies documented by engineers 1) On-line Feature Technical Reference 2) Improved "Intellisense" Experience Configuration Manager Utility to move config info to and from BB Infinity databases
How to manage processors and packages to control data item movement
Create new processors
Interface reference Create an API documentation framework merges engineer authored usage notes/remarks, and code samples into HTML based feature metadata pages available to everyone. 1) Trip to identify popular features
2) Present popular features first...guide them in.
3) Get behind the concept of utilizing your engineers
a) Add technical notes for prioritized features
b) Author API code samples
c) Improve spec element and attribute desciptions
d) Author code samples and explanations for spec elements and attribute descriptions
e) Amend the definition of done.
f) Help brainstorm ways to add notes and
code samples into a documenation framework
g) Encourage your engineers to blog and answer questions on BBDN Next Steps Learning more about SDK has made my job easier. It has made me understand the infinity platform better.
Easy to deploy and use.
Overall, generally it's been good.
They are quite easy to use.
Blackbaud is a wonderful application and its been a great learning and creative experience for me work on BB Customizations.
Its been a good experience overall. it provides good development experience, specially with all the new functionality and enhancements coming in
It is a fantastic tool - it's extensibility and ease of use is very appealing to internal and customer developers. I have worked with a variety of 3rd party development tools, and our SDK easily outshines them all. 
I would give 4 out 5 for overall development experience.
At first glance, it seems pretty simple to develop new features until you try to do something that is even slightly outside the box. I wish there were more end points that would do partial processing of the record so I do not have to copy bits and pieces from other specs.
It's been moderately good. Wish there was more support for JavaScript very good comments about the overall dev experience
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