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My Educational and Career Path - Pharmacist

Career ISP- Mr. Freedman

Justine Chang

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of My Educational and Career Path - Pharmacist

Education and Training How To Become A Canadian Pharmacist? Future Trends/ Related Jobs One word for FUTURE TRENDS: Justine Chang Education and Career Path
- Pharmacist Skills Needed/ Community Involvement Specialized Skills Needed: Earnings/ Working Condition/
Job Satisfaction/ Job Stress Earnings/ Working Conditions Who Are Pharmacists? Pharmacists are licensed healthcare professionals

There are community pharmacists, hospital pharmacists and industrial pharmacists Where Do Pharmacists Work? Yeah, pharmacists do work at pharmacies...but... More professionally, they can be working in pharmacies of healthcare facilities, personal pharmacies, and hospitals. (Also in retail stores. Eg: Walmart) -Walmart Pharmacy - Personal Pharmacy What Do Pharmacists Do? compound and dispense prescribed pharmaceuticals
Check patients’ medical histories and fill their prescriptions
educate both patients and health care providers
Supervise pharmacy technicians specialized pharmacists and industrial pharmacists have additional job duties (like participating in researches) 1. Completion of pre-requisite courses and the PCAT which takes about two years
2. 4 years of pharmacy school which you will earn a bachelor’s science degree in Pharmacy
3. Complete the National board examination
4.Apprenticeship/ internship hours, and other requirements depending on different provinces
5.Test of fluency in English. License or
admission to the PharmD program side note: $116,000 and up To be detail-oriented
Business training is helpful Community Invovlement
and Co-op Education: Santa Claus Parade
Election Campaign
Project HeartCORE
School Library
ESL Ambassadors' Club President Planning on taking Co-op during Grade 11 Job Satisfaction/ Job Stress GOOD! Related Jobs Personal Reflection: Career Course Reflection Depending on experience and responsibilities, the average annual salary is somewhere in the $70,000 to $100,000 range. Dental Coverage
Paid Sick Leave
Vacation Time
Participate in profit-sharing programs Upward Mobility: Above Average
Stress Level: Above Average
Flexibility: Below Average Aging population will most likely increase
the demand for prescription drugs Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Aids

Registered Nurse Well paying salary,
good working conditions,
patient satisfaction,
depth of knowledge long standing hours,
required accuracy $22,950 = 1st two years of the U of T
$14,994 = Bachelor's program
$8900 - 15000= Residence each year
Books, personal expenses, Examination try out... Still interested! Nothing can stop moi! However, : more aware of the steps and investments Love it because:
provide service
patient satisfaction= my satisfaction
well paying, good condition
support an enjoyable life Who Am I? : Understand who I am = organizer, thinker, helper Norma Rae: Every worker can fight for his/her rights, every workplace should have a union to ensure safety and fairness ISP Presentations: Discover the variety of careers and gain information about each. This is extremely important because if you have watched these presentations carefully, you will be able to compare what fits you the best.
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