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Never Give Up

Prezi for Parables of Christ

Kelvin Vaz

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Never Give Up

A Prezi Presentation about Never Giving Up Never Give Up Part One Part Two Part 3 Part 5 At some point in our lives there is a feeling we get
when we think we can't do anything and we feel
like giving up.

There are time that even before we start something
even when we are nearly finished, we get that bad
feeling. There are people who give up every single day.
They include those with stressful work, those
being bullied and those going to with serious
conditions that result in them doing the
unthinkable (Suicide). Prove that you are strong, not weak.
Give everything a try, don't stand on the sidelines.
See if it has been done before, if it has, you can do it
as well.
Believe in your dreams.
There are people worse off than you.
Improve your world.
Get rich or die trying
Everyone deserves to be happy.
You are closer than you think. There is hope. Unless you are dead
(The only reasonable excuse), there is
no other excuse to not live life and do
what you want to or need to. Part 6 That was a video about Derek Redmond. He was an athlete competing at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. As he was competing, he became seriously injured. Determined to finish the race, he went on.
His father went from the crowd and he helped his son to finish the race. Part 7 So remember that you should always try to do what you can do and never give up.
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