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Cisco New Ways to Learn Idea

We are "Les innovateurs" from Mexico: Daniela Vega Montserrat Castro Cindy Marmolejo Gustavo Calderon Guillermo Mendez

Daniela Vega

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Cisco New Ways to Learn Idea

Meet Michael He is an undergraduate student at one of the top 500 universities in the world Zara Michael's Father Part time job Case Studies Business Simulators Traditional Internships Cisco Iprize New Ways to LEARN "Cisco Virtual Internships" Michael has a big crush
over one of the most attractive girls he's ever met... Zara!
Zara is one of the most important companies in the world. She is attractive, smart, trustworthy...
everything he could ever ask for. However, there is a HUGE distance between them Which makes her be out of his league He knows that to eliminate this gap between them... He needs to acquire certain skills Such as: He's got some serious competition And the worst part of it... is that he is not the only one trying to get her... time management skills flexibility multitasking leadership decision making ability prove that he is... teamwork collaborative learning Michael knows that whoever gets all of these skills and proves to be "THE ONE" Will have Zara's love however... has made a tremendous effort on trying to help Michael develop such qualifications with tools such as: These have not been ENOUGH for Michael to develop the skills needed to win Zara's heart... Mainly because these opportunities have been limited by both: or by... or because only a few are chosen for these opportunities All of these efforts have been made to teach Michael how to mix the... he has learned, with the... who is considered to be among the best universities in the world eventough... But Michael needs to find out a way to get closer to Zara and make her trust him... before it is... is a great friend of... and Michael's dad Michael Zara So one day...
Cisco asked himself... "Hey! If I know Michael (through his dad) and I know Zara, why don't I help them be together? And that’s how the “Cisco’s Virtual Internship” program started. How could he help them??? Cisco began by analyzing how could they be capable of "smoothing the transition of students like Michael from their universities to the working environment, to get to girls just like Zara". He also knew that he could help Michael's dad to renovate the entire university experience and proposition by providing him a better solution to overcome having a commoditized offer....
He also found out of all the difficulties that Zara was going through in her never ending quest for finding "Mr. Perfect"... And he wanted to create a win - win - win situation for the entire system! Cisco wanted to redefine the entire concept of "INTERNSHIPS" Cisco thought of all his friends that just like Zara were spending millions of dollars on the entire recruiting and training process each year... The training industry is worth more than 109 billion dollars Cisco remembered that he had just acquired an amazing company called In 2006, General Electric spent about $1 billion dollars on training their employees... In 2009, graduate unemployment rose about 44%!!! While the percentage of young people across the world attending institutions of higher education went from 37% in 1995 to 57% in 2008... What if Cisco could help Michael learn at an accelerated rate of speed? What if Michael could be capable of interacting with people like Zara throughout his career and his father could empower him to be capable of interacting not only with Zara... Michael could have the opportunity of learning from any company, no matter where it might be... even though he lives in London and he wants to work in Shangai... But virtually on any company around the world... There would be NO BARRIERS for him to learn and develop the required skills ! This would be a competitive advantage both for Previously, only few students had the opportunity to work in an internship program... How?! While companies would be increasing their pool of applicants as well as their quality... and they would... They will all benefit from a great idea benchmarking! Cisco's clients would be acquiring the telepresence equipment, customer service, system upgrades.... This idea will provide an entire new meaning to the word: By using the magic of telepresence people like Michael and for universities like his father... It will help them... to develop the skills needed To learn from others To have an outstanding performance with a real competitive advantage Reach the entire world to improve their decision making skills to learn by doing!! share ideas learn other cultures and languages! universities would... revitalize the entire educational system Increase the relationship between knowledge and skills Offer working experience in a much cheaper manner Increase the number of opportunities for their students Increase education's quality Attract more prospective students reducing costs boosting HR performance finding the right person to... increasing
control find the right person very easily !!! trust in... Who will be interested in acquiring these technology? The telepresence is really... to use! broadens people's horizons flexible easy to install and Cisco would... provide.. Flawless performance however, with this idea, more people would be working with more companies and they would all be better off. reduce employee turnover while increasing workforce potential support Top 500 universities Companies all around the world
(not just Fortune's 500) Undoubtedly more and more universities and enterprises would replicate the idea and would experience the benefits of this "virtual internship" distribute the products To have it sponsored by people like Zara inside the universities... and they could decide either to pay it for themselves or... Cisco could even apply this model on public universities where investors could be a little more reluctant to acquire the technology and could rent the service in a hourly basis or daily basis... Why would this be a great idea?! "Virtual Internships" will increase the number of people that have the opportunity to learn from these companies as well as redefine the entire education system by implementing better communication with key people. It will help students and companies alike by increasing the number of people contributing with each other towards a common goal. The customers for this idea are already familiar with Cisco's products and technology, therefore it wouldn't be such a problem for them to adopt this new technology. Cisco would provide the installation of the products as well as the customer service to make their life easier. Not complex technology being used, fairly easy to use... The benefits of this idea are mainly based on the exchange of ideas and interaction between students and the companies. This will yield benefits for both parties since they need from each other. This technology is compatible with any other type of equipment that universities and companies might have. On the other hand, companies have acquired certain technology that could be easily adapted to this telepresence The benefits of this idea would be short term, for those students who are going to graduate soon and this technology could be used as a "filter". Or long term, for those students in earlier stages of their careers, skills development and renewed value proposition. Almost no risk when purchasing the technology because it is really multitasking and could be used for several purposes. Perhaps there would be some behavioral changes among people using this technology. However, they are not big enough to represent a threat. People will be able to use this just as if they were working on a project in school. However, they would be learning from different sources. Idea proposed by:

Daniela Vega
Montserrat Castro
Cindy Marmolejo
Gustavo Calderon
Guillermo Mendez

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