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Diferences and similarity between Rome and Greece

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Anxo G F

on 8 July 2015

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Transcript of Diferences and similarity between Rome and Greece

Differences and similarity between
Ancient Rome
Ancient Greece

In these presentation we are going to show you the differences between Ancient Rome and Greece.
- They were in Europe.
- They had the same gods.
- There were men and woman.
- There were warriors.
- Animals.
- Both of them had the mythology.
- the Romans had Greek-style stories.
- The Romans had Greeks models for the theater epic poetry and lyric.

-The cities of
Ancient Greece
were separated by hilly countryside, all the cities were near to water.
Ancient Rome
were inland country separated on the banks of the river Tiber.
were good in making sculptures and vases (Venus de Milo).
were good in mosaic and wall painting also in realistic portains.
have small wheat producing farms.
-producing olive, olive oil and wine

- Terrain
- Art
- Economy
- Social classes
- Language
- Names of Gods
- Ages in which they lived


Social classes
, the society was divided into slaves, freedmen, metics, citizens and women.
had slaves, freedmen, plebeians and patricians.
women weren't citizens, in
they were

the language were Latin.
Gods and Goddesses
Zeus-Jupiter- king of the Gods, lord of the sky
Poseidon-Neptune- God of see
Hades-Pluto- God of underword
Hestia-Vesta- Goddess of Hearth
Hera-Juno- queen of Gods, Goddess of marige
Ares-Mars- God of war
Aphrodite-Venus- Goddess of love and beauty

The Greek Myths - The creation story
In the beginning there was Chaos. From it came the Earth - Gaia and Sky - Ouranos. As they were the creators of the whole world they formed the first Gods: Rhea and Cronos. Ouranos didn't like the children Gaia born so he sent the rest of the unformed children back to Gaia's womb. She was so angry on him one day she sent her son Cronos to hurt his father while he took a nap.
The Geological Tree of Gods and Goddesses.
It all started from Chaos
The mythology was one of the most important proofs of the ancient Roman and Greek empire. The Roman mythology says that the Greeks have been on the Earth after them. This is a LIE! Greeks were first and we have scientific and archeological proofs. All of the myths are similar, but the Roman ones were a bit souped-up... Gods in another SLIDE! STAY TUNED-UP!!!
Romans always adored the Greek culture they as well copied their art and sculptures. The very famous one is the Roman Discuss Thrower. They also remade their paintings and told in stories they came before the Greeks.
The Greek and Roman Art
The Greek gods and Roman gods, were pretty much the same... They had the same roles, generation tree and even attributes. Here You can see a table showing it all in a pretty simple way :).
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Ages in which they lived
Roman Kingdom753–509 BC
Roman Republic-509–27 BC
Roman Empire-27 BC–AD 476
Neolithic period 6000 - 2900 BC
Early bronze age 2900-2000 BC
Archaic Period 750 - 500 BC

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