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Urban Photography-Santa Ana

No description

Sandra Gonzalez

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Urban Photography-Santa Ana

Urban Photography
My street
Neighborhood Park-Sandpointe
This park is about two minutes walking distance from my house and where I played as a child. This plays into the built environment. People bring their children here to play and get physical activity, I also see adults jogging or walking here frequently.
Taft Elementary School
Running around the Enclave Apartments
This is where I go for runs about five minutes away from my house. It used to be a big field where vegtables were grown now there are some apartments there. Many people come and run here. My family and I have always come here since it was a field! Every time around is approximately one mile, so it makes for great outdoor exercise.
Sandra Gonzalez
This is coming home from my run on a Sunday morning.
This is the Elemetary School that my siblings and I all attended. My youngest brother currently goes here. It is about 10 minutes away walking and I encourage my little brother to walk. The social environment is not threatening which is why I encourage that extra physical activity.
The Marke still under construction right behind my house.
Built environment around my neighborhood has grown in recent years.There have been many new apartment complexes built around my neighborhood. This can cause crowding, busy streets, and less physical activity because it's just becoming very heavily populated.
Neighborhood Liquo Store
This liquor store is about 5 minutes walking distance from my house. It poses threats because there may be increased alcohol consumption in adults, meaning more danger. Not to mention it is full of junk foods for children within walking distance.
Morning drive to my brother's school.
One of the many ways to get ice cream after school. Junk food is very accesible and may contribute to childhood obesity.
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