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My Community Service

No description

Mitchell Noyes

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of My Community Service

-What I Did -Benefits for our Community -What I Learned -Recommendations My Community Service -Contacts California State Archives City Archives American River Parkway -Where I worked -Cleaned up trash at the American River -Removed fire pits and benches at old campsite -Organized city council minutes -Volunteered at the State Archives for Family History Day -Keeps environment clean of trash -Makes places more enjoyable -Makes documents accessible for research -Provides people with information -I learned about how to keep track of documents and organize them -I learned how important it is to keep the environment clean -I learned what it is like to be a archivist -I learned that doing small things for the community can do a lot -I thought working at the Family History day was the most engaging community service event, because I worked directly with the public -I would recommend the job at the city and state archives for anyone who wants to learn how history is documented -Removed stakes at a community garden -(Sacramento Center for History)-(916) 808-7072
551 Sequoia Pacific Blvd. -(American River Parkway Association)-(916) 486-2773 5700 Arden Way Carmichael -(California State Archives)-(916) 653-7715
1020 O st. -Before -After -I processed 28 boxes of city council minutes City Council Minutes -Entered Accession card information into database -I liked working at the American River because you got to be outside and enjoy nature
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