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Are Americans Obsessed with Instant Gratification?

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McClain Houston

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Are Americans Obsessed with Instant Gratification?

Are Americans Obsessed with
Instant Gratification? Kara Copeland
Julia Draper
McClain Houston Our answer? Yes! America has always been based
on a debt/credit system. [or so says Jackson Lears from The New York Times] But with ATMs on every corner, and credit cards so easily accessable, It's no wonder
that debt
is becoming
more prominant
as well. But feeding our hunger for fast money
is nothing compared to our need
for fast food.
Between the $1 double cheeseburgers
and the 1 day diet plans... Everything is expected
to be faster,
and instantaneous. But is all this technology
helpful or harmful? This technology promotes
quick fixes as alternatives
to a healthy lifestyle. [for example, popping diet pills to quickly lose weight from all of the fast food fixes.] So, are Americans obsessed with the rapid, instantaneous, self-indulgent trends? Or is technology simply improving the way we consume products? We believe that technology has become a vessel for
Americans to rely on instant gratification for almost
every aspect of our lives.
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