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American Symbols

No description

Viviana Fernandez

on 27 February 2017

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Transcript of American Symbols

American Symbols
American Symbols
The United States of America has many symbols. These symbols stand for events, people, and ideas that are important to us.
Some symbols are plants or animals. The rose and the bald eagle are American Symbols.
bald eagle
National flower of the United States of America.
National bird of our country. IT stands for freedom.
Symbols can also be objects. Our Country's flag is a symbol. The pictures on our money are symbols too.
for 50 states
50 stars
for 13 colonies
13 stripes
The American Flag
The Liberty Bell
rang when leaders made .
no longer .
Some symbols are places that we can visit. These symbols are called .
symbol of freedom
The American Flag
Liberty Bell
symbol of freedom
are very important. They remind us of the people and events that helped build our country.

Washington Monument
United States Capitol
Mount Rushmore
Statue of Liberty
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Abraham Lincoln
Theodore Roosevelt
carved on the Black Hills of South Dakota
located in Washington, D.C.
It honors our first president, George Washington.
Lincoln Memorial
American national monument
built to honor Abraham Lincoln.
located in Washington, D.C.
is the meeting place of the United States Congress.

gift of friendship from the people of France to the United States

symbol of freedom and democracy
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