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No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of Wonderful

By : Nesi
life is Wonderful

Summer is a girl that was nice to August from the start. she is a good example. instead of staying away from august she approaches him.

I think the most important thing in the book is to ecept people that are different.
Important Idea Of The Book
Thank You
Roger was a troubled kid until he met
Mrs.Jones. Mrs. Jones took him in and fed
him instead of taking him to jail. Then gave
money to to him to get shoes.
Wounder is a book where it lets you see
into each kids head and how august effects everyone.
this book lets you know what everyone thinks about
don is a man that dedicated his
time to help other people.

Football is a sport where you won't get in trouble for hitting someone.

Skateing is wonderful because you
can express your self with a piece of desined wood.
taesha is a brother that would help you even if you were mad at him. when it comes down to it he is really chill. He is amzing.
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