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Reading Strategies

No description

Aeka Miezza

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Reading Strategies

Strategies that will help you
read more effectively.
The maximum benefit
from your reading,
with the minimum effort. Make Your Own
Table of Contents Once you know your purpose, you can examine the resource to see whether it's going to help you. Think About What You Want to Know ? If you need a moderate level of information on a subject, then you can scan the text Know How Deeply to Study the Material Read Actively Highlighting and underlining key information
Taking notes as you progress
Mind mapping are great for this
Helps you to review important points.
Helps you keep your mind
focused on the material Reading Strategy Ask yourself whether the resource meets your needs, and try to work out if it will give you the right amount of knowledge. Remember that this also applies to content that you subscribe to Summaries in detail speed read the contents of the chapters, picking out and understanding key words and concepts Only when you need full knowledge of a
subject is it worth studying the text in
detail Reading Efficiently
by Reading Intenlligently Know how to study
different types of material Opinion Articles Feature Article News Articles By understanding the layout of
the material u're reading, you
can extract the information you want efficiently... Most effective way of getting
information from magazines
is to scan the content tables or indexes and turn directly to
interesting articles. Design to explain the key point first Accomplish these out with detail Most important information
must be presented first. Present a point of view Most information is contained in the introduction and the summary. with the middle of the article containing supporting arguments written to provide entertaiment or background on a subject Typically the most important information is in the body of the
text Use Glossaries with
Technical Documents Writing out your own
table of contents also helps
you address your own
questions, and think about
what you are expecting
to learn from the text. Ask yourself Make up your own table of content before you start reading. What sections or topics you are expecting to see in document? What questions you want to
have answered by the end of the text If u're reading large amounts of difficult technical material, it may be useful to use or compile a glossary Further Reading Tips:
# Plays a role in how easy the reading will be, and how much information you'll retain.
#If you need to read a text that is tedious
its best to takle it when you have the most
energy in the day. #Where you read is also important. Read in a place thats comfortable , free of distractions, and has good light.
#Review the information when you've finished reading. Group 3 Dygku Nur Ekamiezza
Bt Awg Kamil
Sakinah Bt Md Nadzi
NurliyanaBt Mat Saad
Uma D/O Balu 1121117246

1121117245 Thank You ! Break a Leg for
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