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Giselle Ramirez

on 16 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

Food Heals, Monsanto Kills
By: Giselle Ramirez

Through the revolutionary movement of bringing down Monsanto with the March Against Monsanto movement and the innovative Valhalla Movement, citizens around the world can be advocates of their own health and advocate for change by using an array of methods to bring down Monsanto to ensure that they never have control over the food system and will not cause health effects for future generations to come, and citizens can begin the necessary process of healing thyself and the world.

The Valhalla movement is leading the way to the farm of the future:
100% off the grid greenhouse
production of fruits and vegetables all year round
The connection between the destruction of the Earth's environment and the internal health of many human beings in the modern day:
* rise in autoimmune diseases
*prescription drugs
*self harm


Will Allen discusses the power of growing a vegetable garden in the suburbs.
Harmful Effects of GMO's

*increase of health problems
*GMO contamination lasts for a very long time
*GMO's create new toxins
*GMO 's harm the environment=soil=effects our food
*GMO's don't feed a hungry world
Cost Comparison :
Farmer's Market VS. Supermarket Prices

Autoimmune diseases caused by processed foods


Kris Carr Raw Food and Juicing Lifestyle Change
*She juices, blends her own smoothies/dressings/etc, and she eatsraw.
Live Your Purpose, Live in the Now and Accomplish Your Dreams With Health and Wellness at the Core
Food Is Medicine: "Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Thy Food,"(Hippocrates)
Improved Self Esteem

Mind, Body, and Spirit Connection
Ability to have energy, confidence to accomplish dreams
Longevity and strength to pursue physical and mental boundaries/obstacles
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