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Tim Wade

on 15 October 2009

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Transcript of EffectiveCommunication-TimWade

Communication Self-awareness Coaching Counselling Mentoring Verbal v Non-verbal Human Needs Interpersonal Small-group Relationships VERBAL &
NON-VERBAL 38% how we sound 55% how we look 7% What we say NEEDS &
Communication Tim Wade Significance Connection Certainty Adventure Growth Contribution rapport empathy understanding accountability timelines expectations agreement recap trust likeness listening questions feeling context their world expectations options empowering alternative compelling future decision-making review outcomes predictability certainty their human needs verbal email clarity mirror/match comfort permission clarity examples written the dance of coaching ask question listen to reply paraphrase for clarity EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION in minutes... 15 V9 success-awareness profiling tool developed by Tim Wade
(C) 2009 Tim Wade, SpeakerStation.Asia what is a coach? Thank you! feedback welcome! self spirit community intimate health education enterprise wealth growth giving money mission Twelve Star Work-Life Balance Model Tim Wade's Fear Public Speaking Media Relations Written Word Client Exchanges Sales Marketing Advertising Customer Service Complaints Procrastination Face-to-Face Phone Web Delivery Dynamics Radio TV Print media PUBLIC
COMMUNICATION TV Print media www.TimWade.com
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